Monday, April 17, 2017

Katyn effect

There is something in similar between Poland and Israel in the context of the Cold Fusion. Both are hostage of oil and gas producing countries - Russia and Iran.

What would for since happen if the Lord or his Son would exchange Fusion with the West. Would not both countries would be hit in the revenge that would excess this one we know from the Katyn forest? 

The Russian Empire would behave like a deadly hit beast that would be inestimable in their response. The wish of revenge would blind them and certainly they would put their forces on invasion. How far, we do not know.

For that reason instead of trying to cheat Russians Poles shall not let die for the Western interests from which they does not have anything. And the Russians shall remember that nether the Lord or his Son want to see remake of Katyn for his people.

The best way forward for both sides is to strike a deal to postpone introduction of the Cold Fusion and Poles, if they really hide the Lord son shall in the name of their future, come from the cover of the Presidential Palace and help us in reaching this deal. 

The deal that could not only save Poland but also save the planet, as the Lord would maybe cancel his plans to leave it..

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