Monday, April 10, 2017

Lesniow blessing

It's very bad that Polish President is hiding behind the hem of the skirt. It's of course easier to say that there will be Amanda and they will have a son and then we will crucify Him but what if he already have a son? The Messiah?

In the context of the Cold Fusion and threat it poses to Kremlin's oil and gas industries it would be easier if the Lord alone could propose Russians a peace deal to postpone introduction of this ground breaking technology.

But now the Lord have a son and he is probably the Messiah. It means that both the Lord and his Son have a power to decide on the future of the globe. What then with the Russians? Will they want to negotiate peace deal with this two or will rather invade the country taking back the Lord's nest and blocking effectively our transfusion?

This is open question but we will not know the answer on it until the Polish President will not raise the issue opening the negotiations with the Kremlin. If he will continue to ignore this issue he will effectivley give a country back into Russian hands.

He must understand that Amanda romance, like back in times of Witkacy, is a perfect mood for Russians invasion. When Witkacy meet her it was year 1920. The year of miracle of Vistula river. The year that thanks to Pilsudski and the Polish Army we have defeated Bolsheviks.

Now, the world seems to be unprepared for repeat of this scenario. Duda is not only ignoring the Lord son issue but whole Cold Fusion in general. Where it will lead the country the history has showed not once...

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