Sunday, April 16, 2017

Long play

The tip from Kremlin has came immediately. It's going to be long play, Putin stated. It's true but events in Syria shows us clearly how fast Geo-political situation can change. And once on track, there will be no retreat.

Both Putin and Lord's brother Dimitri are reliable partners with who the final peace deal can be reached but what if somehow we will miss them? What if Malta plans to replace them with the clones will success?

Yes, certainly, like others Putin will wait for Lord to meet Amanda first but the Lord still looks into corner of this not so famous portrait of her. There his master Witkacy has put a date of 1920.

Will we not face a repeat of history then? What if Russian duo will be replaced by the Maltese? Will a power not be transfered into hands of Bolshevik generals? Will they be willing to negotiate the peace deal? Or, will Lord will be willing to do so?

Putin will wait. Will wait for his doomsday, showing once again to the Lord that he and his other fellows was imply not useful for anything. Putin will not have his chance to show a good will. He will be replaced, as others from this gang. And the Lord will be again facing invasion from the East. As once Witkacy with very same Amanda was facing...

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