Thursday, April 13, 2017


If he is existing he is now 15 years old and in his hands lies future of not only Poland but also the globe. However, today Polish media suggested it is not.

For sure it would be easier to negotiate peace deal with Russians of postponing introduction of the Cold Fusion if he would be not born. If the decision would depend only from the Lord.

It was Kwasniewski time in the office and he seems to be best informed if the Lord son is real or just his imagination. The mole on the Lord's ear did not vanished and that was a case of Lord Father when the Lord came on this world.

That is true but is this certain? And moreover, is there a way to convice Russian side that the Lord's Son is not existing?

There are many traces left in the public space that deny this theory and Russians will certainly not wait until 2033, until the year of the Judgment. To rescue their oil and gas industries they will decide to invade the country to capture the Lord's nest earlier.

This issue is of biggest importance for the Polish nation and Polish authorities would need to make it clear and convice Russians whatever Lord son is real or not. The supposed mother need to be confronted with the Lord.

However, one basic question is raised. What if the Son is not existing. Why they treat the Lord so badly? Aren't they afraid that he will simply depart this planet to find another one? That will be certain if Russians will invade his country...

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