Sunday, April 9, 2017

Polish Fusion

"Who does not respects and value his own past, he is not worth of respect of today and does not have a right to future"
Marshall Józef Kelmens Piłsudski

Fascist in Warsaw will be celebrating for another time a Hindenburg crash but the country has been trapped into devil's trap. Partially because of the Lord will partially because of their own wrongdoings. 

The year in which the Lord or his son will sit down on his throne in the nest is coming quickly. Then they will decide if to depart the planet or stay and share with the mankind one more groundbreaking invention.

One of the possibilities is Cold Fusion that will once, forever bring an energy independence to the globe. However, such possibility Russian will try to block from all the force they have. 

Thus, for the country to survive this difficult time, there are only two options.

First is that Western leaders, possibly with China, will stand up on the battlefield to fight for the energy independence from Russia and OPEC cartel.

The other is that the peace deal will be made between the Lord and his son and the Russians to postpone the Cold Fusion for another century.

Both options are on the table.

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