Friday, April 7, 2017

Syrian euphoria

The reaction of Donald Trump will be left without comment. Instead of leading investigation on alleged chemical attack he has broken constitution without asking the Congress for allowance on the strike on base in Syria. What is interesting is the reaction of Polish President Duda.

He has enthusiastically supported the strike. Thankfully the EU was more cold and stated that 'there is no military solution for Syria'. That is more pragmatic approach having in mind that such simple provocation could lead us to the III World War.

The EU is more sceptical when it comes to Syria also maybe because of their Eastern frontier. Russians are living in the shadow of the upcoming year 2033 when the West could theoretically aquire the Cold Fusion from the Lord. That will cut off their huge income from the gas and oil and that would lead them into the war with Poland. War for access to the Lord nest.

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