Monday, April 17, 2017

Trump posture

Donald Trump after recent Katyn post has announced that will not tolerate threats to Allies, Partners but in the ears of Lord its just empty words. The situation needs more that words Mr. Trump.

When Polish Minister of Defense was announcing in his Easter message that 'Poland is safe now' it was same empty words. In mean time Kremlin has doubled their presence on the Western border. 

Is not American battalion they has sent there reminiscence of the very same battalion that was fighting in the Battle of Warsaw time? NATO presence on the Eastern flank is still symbolic. Much less that is needed to defeat the Russians. 

At this point we must formulate a question, very basic one. Is not another conflict that would provoke Russian aggression just on the hand of American President that would preform his massive oil-drills in the Gulf of Mexico?

Aren't the words of American President somehow disconnected from his actions and deeds? We can achieve true Energy Independence. That is true. But are the words correlated to the actions? 

It's true we must be prepared for the Russian invasion but are we going to provoke one? The efforts of White House seems to be on the second one.  You will not convince the Lord, Mr. Trump with the empty words, whatever they will be beautifully. He needs some action. Real one.

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