Sunday, May 14, 2017

Who is stupid?

Russians must be really frustrated by the issue of the Cold Fusion if they are turning for invectives. On their semi-official Kremlin news site you can ready today: "Why the Fear of the Russian threat is openly stupid". 

Yes, Russia economy is not heavily dependent on the export of fossil fuel and the possibility of introduction of the Cold Fusion is not spending a dream sight of their hardliners and the military. 

The Russian Federation is not investing into Nordic Stream 2 and is not building another pipe to connect it with the China. 

And at last the Russia is not investing heavily into technologies that will make them explore huge Arctic oil reserves. 

There is no threat to Poland and we can sleep happily, as they will not do everything to stop the Lord or his Son from before exchanging the Cold Fusion with the West and the China.

Of course they will allow for such transfer of the technology... Who they want to fool? Themselves? 

Putin first speech

It was maybe first Putin speech where Cold Fusion issue was in center. While making it on opening of China Belt and Road conference he's words was directed also inside his ranks.

"We should not forget about those threats, which are posed by regional conflicts. Zones of age-old contradictions continue to persist in many places in Eurasia. In order to unleash these knots, it is first of all necessary to abandon hawkish rhetoric, mutual accusations, which only aggravate the situation… In general, the logic of old approaches will not allow to solve any modern problem. We need fresh and free of stereotypes ideas," Putin said.

And the Lord agrees completely. The old logic of Teutonic script to which leaders of the world are playing is not a solution of the problem. It will lead into another battle of Warsaw and another partitioning of Poland.

The only solution for durable peace and prosperity between Polish and Russian nations lies in direct peace negotiations. Between the Lord, his Son and the Russians.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Fear no one

  “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”
Isaiah 41:10

It is interesting how the East reacted on the recent word of the Lord. While Syrian President Assad ruled out making concessions on Syrian sovereignty the Lebanon Nasrallah announced that “Israel is afraid because can be now attacked on his own territory”.

If so sure that spirit of Polish resistance is dead now, why Nasrallah will then not try? Why instead of spreading his fascist hatred on the monthly masses he will not stand up on the battlefield. Certainly, the unarmed Lord is not hard target for his bestiality.

Instead he is spreading contempt from his bunker at Nowogrodzka sending others to do the dirty work. He is missing certainly something that Lech Kaczynski had. A balls. Unlike Nasrallah, Lech was not limiting himself to the words. He was brave enough to take up his flag and stand up against the Lord in the direct confrontation. Who is fearing who, dear Hezbollah leader?

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Why not like Mikolajczyk?

Why not as Mikolajczyk, somebody could ask? He has survived his son 18th birthday and died lately at the age of 65 but his reality was completely different from that one the Lord is facing nowadays.

For first Mikolajczyk was surrounded by his people – by the Polish Jews – that was bound with him for death and life. Nowadays, the Polish landscape has been cleaned of them. Nobody there will take care of the Lord. He is alone.

For second, the Polish Jews has cheated Kabbalah and instead of Mikolajczyk they has put Witkacy on the front, stating he is the Lord. For that reason Witkacy, not Mikolajczyk has taken fatal blow when the Soviets invaded the country on 17 September 1939.

For thrid, at least, Mikolajczyk was supported by the Polish government, even if he was critical of it. It was he that has been made by his people Prime Minister in exile. Nowdays, the Lord is constantly attacked by the Polish elites and even if they sometimes are lasic they do it only, as the Polish National Democrats was lasic to Pilsudski to give him into the hand of his Russian executioners.

For that simple reason, in the post-Shoah world, the Lord does not have any hope to avoid this fatal blow on the 18th anniversary of his lost Son. He is alone in hostile enviroment and the only comfort he have is that his Russian executioners will also execute this fallen country called Poland.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Happy Birthday

It is Teutonic tradition that they crucifix the Lord on the 18th birthday anniversary of his Son. Will this Lord will die youngest in the modern history having just 41 years?

It was a case of Augstyn Gorzenski and his son Adam Mickiewicz, as well Bronisław Piłsudski and his son Stanisław Mikołajczyk that both has been murder on the 18th anniversary of their sons. First was 73, the second 52. Both was living in the Prussian partition.

That is why the Lord is not afraid of begin put in 'museum' like his Father by Soviets but rather think he have just 3 or 4 years of life until 2020/21.

What his Son will see then when will sit down on the Throne in 2033 is not important to the Teutons. They want to crucifix the Lord perfectly by the Russian hand. That the Russians will later invade the country to capture Lord Nest is of no importance to the partitioning powers.

“Poland has not yet perished, as long as we still lives”, sings Poles in their national anthem. In the context of the Cold Fusion it is literally like that.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Lord was talking tonight with kidnappers from Radziwillow's palace and they has confirmed existence of his Son. In their pride they does not see anything wrong but Russians are not only watching. They has doubled their presence on the Western frontier.

The kidnappers are of course denning the Lord access to his son. They are too afraid of the knowledge that he could transfer. Bad for Poland that would soon be invaded by Russians to block possible Cold Fusion exchange.

Bad for thousands of young Poles that will go on the front. Bad for millions if the Fusion War will expand to global conflict. 

In media the new title has appeared: "He has defused Goliath, will have his place in museum". The Lord does not have doubt of what museum of his Forefathers they would like to put him. 

They are not afraid of his Son siting on the Throne and getting know this story from first hand because they plan to kidnap also his first born son. 

Monday, May 8, 2017

Sergrey impression

Does not knowing why the Lord have impression that his teaching on the Cold Fusion has made Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrow upset on him. Somehow, again, the truth is uncomfortable for Russians. But how far they can escape it? And.. Is it wise?

It is a dream of Kremlin to restore their relations with the West to the friendly level they enjoyed on beginning of this century but this is only a dream that cannot happen again anytime soon. 

It is a Geo-political game in which waste Russian interest in the export of gas and oil makes them again black characters in this story. It is not possible to escape this Cold Fusion equation and Sergey must to understand this. Understand and take a lesson from it to base his foreign policy on the pragmatism. 

The biggest goal of world diplomacy shall be of course upkeeping of the world peace. And this is still possible having the Lord in the game (something that fascist really does not understand). The Russians will not be anytime soon White they can only be Grey. 

How to move the accent? It is simple. Through making a steeps towards the diplomatic solution to the Cold Fusion crisis. We can achieve a long-lasting peace - from which both sides will be happy if we will enter the negotiations. If the Lord and his Son will sit down to the table with Sergey. 

It is a true challenge for Russian diplomacy to achieve such a state but it is the only way we can avoid the worst. New, possible global, conflict in the region.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Palestinian cause

"50 000 evacuated from Hanover". "Olympic Master found dead in Olympic village" - newspaper stated. What a Sabbath. It was elections of Hamas leader and another occasion to perform Revision of the history.

Thankfully it did not happened and the Lord can admire this symbolic photo. He has long time ago argued that the case of reunification of him and his lost child shall be taken as part of the Palestinian cause.

While it is as possible as reunion of the Holy Land it is still a cause worth to fight for. Poles do not have other choice, as to fall to this plan otherwise their country will be destroyed, as once the Kingdom of Judha.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Presidential sign

Was it an accident that just before Presidential Pair on Third May procession you can spot little boy marching? Or maybe our President wanted to say to the masses: do not be afraid of the Lord, we got his son.

But when this separated by his kidnappers boy will grow he will sit down on the Throne to learn a true version of history of his forefathers. From the days of power when we was residing in Radziwill's palaces to the modern day when his Father was send to European Sibir and to the prison. 

Will he be different from his Father once getting know of Smolensk secrets. His past and at same time future? Will he do not want to share his Father wish to depart this planet to colonize another one? To recreate our Heavenly Kingdom and the Glory. 

Beside this, whole situations are observing our Russian friends. What they feel then? Does they are not afraid of their interests? What if this little boy on the Day of Judgment instead of departing the plant by some miracle will bring his oppressors Cold Fusion? Does it is not a sign of war? The Presidential sign...

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Our Lady

And Simeon blessed them and said to Mary his mother, “Behold, this child is appointed for the fall and rising of many in Israel, and for a sign that is opposed
(and a sword will pierce through your own soul also), so that thoughts from many hearts may be revealed.”
Luke 2:34-35
Maybe under influence of upcoming Lord trip to Rome Pope Francis called today Poles to listen to Our Lady - Mother of God. While in religious and patriotic songs she is named a Queen of Poland she did not had easy life, nether during communism, nor in so called free Poland. 

But this is not strange, as she, even when unaware of her role in Kabbalah, is not first one treated so badly by the faithfuls. Since the beginning of time, when possible, she was murdered and replaced by her Maltese clone. 

What Mr. Duda that together with Mr. Komorowski was guesting her replacement in the Radziwill's Palace is expecting then from the Lord? After taking part in his mother assassination he wants to play a role of good Uncle extending his hand to him and getting him into somehow forceful romance with Amanda. Another resident of the Palace. 

For what Mr. Duda counts? He will be paralyzed by his narcotic habit doing everything to not allow public know about it. In sake of his second term he will allow fascist to carry this Satanic plan and replace Lord's mother - Our Lady - with Maltese clown.

The Polish Pope, Jean Paul II, when was dying has said that he is giving fate of the Church into hands of Our Lady. It is not fate of the Church, but the fate of the planet...

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Trump’s Order on Offshore Drilling


Russian Minister of Natural Resources comments on US President Donald Trump's recent executive order.

Russia's Arctic Trefoil military base
MOSCOW (Sputnik) — US President Donald Trump's recent executive order, which is aimed at reopening Arctic waters to oil and gas drilling, indicates not only "the end of shale era," but also that the focus of the US administration has moved toward oil production in the Northern region, Russian Minister of Natural Resources Sergei Donskoi said Tuesday.
On Friday, Trump signed an executive order that directs the Department of Interior to conduct a review of the existing five-year program for oil and gas development for the US Outer Continental Shelfб which was approved in the final days of former US President Barack Obama's administration.
“The end of shale era. On April 28, Trump signed a new five-year program of licensing the US continental shelf in the waters of Alaska, Middle and South Atlantic, in the Mexican Gulf. It means that the new administration is focusing on the offshore production, despite a significantly higher volume of expenditure in comparison to the projects of oil shale drilling,” Donskoi wrote on his Facebook.
The shift in the administration's policy explains why Washington is trying to block Russia’s offshore projects, the Russian minister continued while referring to US Treasury Department's recent refusal to issue waivers to authorize drilling, prohibited by the US sanctions against Russia, to US companies. One such company is Exxon Mobil, which happens to be part of a joint project with Russian oil giant Rosneft, Donskoi said.
“Currently the US continental shelf provides 18 percent of oil production and 4 percent of natural gas production, while only 26,000 square miles of overall 2,7 million are licensed for drilling,” Donskoi added.
The issue of extending offshore drilling has long been controversial in the United States due to numerous environmental concerns. In December 2016, Obama banned oil and gas drilling off the northern shores of Alaska in both the Chukchi and Beaufort seas, as well as along the East Coast of the United States. One month later, Ryan Zinke, who was a nominee for US Interior Secretary at that time, said the new administration should revise Obama's regulations on new gas or oil drilling in the Arctic and Atlantic Ocean.
In April, according to media reports, Exxon Mobil reapplied to the US Department of the Treasury for a waiver from US sanctions on Russia to resume its business with Rosneft. Exxon has been seeking to return to its projects with the Russian company since 2015, but efforts for cooperation were blocked by the former US administration.

Two states

Lord welcomes a changes in the Hamas charter and is happy that this organization is no longer fighting for 'the destruction of the Jewish State'.

While Lord understands feelings of the Palestinian people he has made a covenant with his chosen people and it is their ultimate dream and right for which they was struggling through centuries to have their own country in the Promised Land.

At same time he continues to be in favor of two state solution to the Palestinian crisis and calls both people to unite in their quest for a justice. The borders are not so important issue, as is the right to Palestinians to live hand to hand with those that are Jews or has been converted to Judaism.

The Lord is sad to observe bestiality on both sides of the conflict and the institutional hostility to the citizens of Gaza that is so much reminding him the Jewish Ghetto of Warsaw.  

Monday, May 1, 2017

Letter to Kosciuszko

Dear Mr. Taduesz I'm addressing you on the eve of anniversary of the first Constitution that I feel I have co-created. The times for our country are again dark, as in time of your uprising and somehow our duo is seen, as a traitors by the current rulers of our Commonwealth.

Partially it's true because, as you know I have told Russians about possible existence of my first born son but among others reasons, not counting as they are treating us in our own country, the need to see with my son is of highest urgency.

Now the Russian Empire have a two choices. First is to use military force to capture our Nest, so no I, nor my Son, will be able to carry out the Cold Fusion advance to share with the West and China. The second is a peace negotiations, as I'm not willing to share with the world such an advancement that would give them true energy independence.

I see the unwilling to die for the Cold Fusion by the Westerners and I see plans of American President to create even bigger oil and gas cartel that OPEC is and I see that when the Russians will invade your upraises will be left alone on the battlefield.

It is a scenario on which somehow fascist elites of this state truly deserve but it is a scenario that I would like to avoid, having in mind future of my Son, that would probably decide to depart this planet, just as I do.

Dear Mr. Tadeusz. I know how badly they must treat you in so called Polish Army that nowadays is just reminiscence of Wermacht. We have been Weimarized and together with extermination of Jews, the Polish soul have been exterminated. Probably forever.

But Mr. Tadeusz, before first blood will be spread you must to promise me that you will do everything in power to organize meeting between me and my Son, so we could freely discuss possibility of the peace deal with Russians.

The situation is truly lose-lose and those that was dreaming of having Cold Fusion right now must for another hundreds years forget about that. The only question is if there will be or not a Poland on the map.

Truly yours,
the Lord


     For evil peers down; a dark army of destruction is gathering in the north.
     I will destroy Jerusalem, beautiful and delicate daughter of Zion.

 Jeremiah 6

Today President Duda stating that 'sons and grandson of Traitors of Commonwealth are on many exposed posts' gave clear signal that is not open to the peace negotiations. 

Of course, in his eyes, the biggest Traitor of the nation is the Lord that has told his Russian friends of possibility of existence of his first-born son what will in consequences lead to the invasion on the country.

That all is true, however, before this act the Lord has warned nation that if the Smolensk march will be not stopped the country will share a fate of the Biblical Kingdom of Judha that was destroyed to the ground because of their wrongdoings against the Lord. 

The march of fascist was not stopped and moreover it has been expanded to the levels of the national pride, thus the Lord decided to make his intervention and crash the fallen country with the help of Russians.

Still, this fate of Poland can be changed if the rulers will change and will take up steeps to opening peace negotiations with Russians.