Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Lord was talking tonight with kidnappers from Radziwillow's palace and they has confirmed existence of his Son. In their pride they does not see anything wrong but Russians are not only watching. They has doubled their presence on the Western frontier.

The kidnappers are of course denning the Lord access to his son. They are too afraid of the knowledge that he could transfer. Bad for Poland that would soon be invaded by Russians to block possible Cold Fusion exchange.

Bad for thousands of young Poles that will go on the front. Bad for millions if the Fusion War will expand to global conflict. 

In media the new title has appeared: "He has defused Goliath, will have his place in museum". The Lord does not have doubt of what museum of his Forefathers they would like to put him. 

They are not afraid of his Son siting on the Throne and getting know this story from first hand because they plan to kidnap also his first born son. 

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