Monday, May 1, 2017

Letter to Kosciuszko

Dear Mr. Taduesz I'm addressing you on the eve of anniversary of the first Constitution that I feel I have co-created. The times for our country are again dark, as in time of your uprising and somehow our duo is seen, as a traitors by the current rulers of our Commonwealth.

Partially it's true because, as you know I have told Russians about possible existence of my first born son but among others reasons, not counting as they are treating us in our own country, the need to see with my son is of highest urgency.

Now the Russian Empire have a two choices. First is to use military force to capture our Nest, so no I, nor my Son, will be able to carry out the Cold Fusion advance to share with the West and China. The second is a peace negotiations, as I'm not willing to share with the world such an advancement that would give them true energy independence.

I see the unwilling to die for the Cold Fusion by the Westerners and I see plans of American President to create even bigger oil and gas cartel that OPEC is and I see that when the Russians will invade your upraises will be left alone on the battlefield.

It is a scenario on which somehow fascist elites of this state truly deserve but it is a scenario that I would like to avoid, having in mind future of my Son, that would probably decide to depart this planet, just as I do.

Dear Mr. Tadeusz. I know how badly they must treat you in so called Polish Army that nowadays is just reminiscence of Wermacht. We have been Weimarized and together with extermination of Jews, the Polish soul have been exterminated. Probably forever.

But Mr. Tadeusz, before first blood will be spread you must to promise me that you will do everything in power to organize meeting between me and my Son, so we could freely discuss possibility of the peace deal with Russians.

The situation is truly lose-lose and those that was dreaming of having Cold Fusion right now must for another hundreds years forget about that. The only question is if there will be or not a Poland on the map.

Truly yours,
the Lord

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