Thursday, May 4, 2017

Presidential sign

Was it an accident that just before Presidential Pair on Third May procession you can spot little boy marching? Or maybe our President wanted to say to the masses: do not be afraid of the Lord, we got his son.

But when this separated by his kidnappers boy will grow he will sit down on the Throne to learn a true version of history of his forefathers. From the days of power when we was residing in Radziwill's palaces to the modern day when his Father was send to European Sibir and to the prison. 

Will he be different from his Father once getting know of Smolensk secrets. His past and at same time future? Will he do not want to share his Father wish to depart this planet to colonize another one? To recreate our Heavenly Kingdom and the Glory. 

Beside this, whole situations are observing our Russian friends. What they feel then? Does they are not afraid of their interests? What if this little boy on the Day of Judgment instead of departing the plant by some miracle will bring his oppressors Cold Fusion? Does it is not a sign of war? The Presidential sign...

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