Sunday, May 14, 2017

Putin first speech

It was maybe first Putin speech where Cold Fusion issue was in center. While making it on opening of China Belt and Road conference he's words was directed also inside his ranks.

"We should not forget about those threats, which are posed by regional conflicts. Zones of age-old contradictions continue to persist in many places in Eurasia. In order to unleash these knots, it is first of all necessary to abandon hawkish rhetoric, mutual accusations, which only aggravate the situation… In general, the logic of old approaches will not allow to solve any modern problem. We need fresh and free of stereotypes ideas," Putin said.

And the Lord agrees completely. The old logic of Teutonic script to which leaders of the world are playing is not a solution of the problem. It will lead into another battle of Warsaw and another partitioning of Poland.

The only solution for durable peace and prosperity between Polish and Russian nations lies in direct peace negotiations. Between the Lord, his Son and the Russians.

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