Monday, May 8, 2017

Sergrey impression

Does not knowing why the Lord have impression that his teaching on the Cold Fusion has made Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrow upset on him. Somehow, again, the truth is uncomfortable for Russians. But how far they can escape it? And.. Is it wise?

It is a dream of Kremlin to restore their relations with the West to the friendly level they enjoyed on beginning of this century but this is only a dream that cannot happen again anytime soon. 

It is a Geo-political game in which waste Russian interest in the export of gas and oil makes them again black characters in this story. It is not possible to escape this Cold Fusion equation and Sergey must to understand this. Understand and take a lesson from it to base his foreign policy on the pragmatism. 

The biggest goal of world diplomacy shall be of course upkeeping of the world peace. And this is still possible having the Lord in the game (something that fascist really does not understand). The Russians will not be anytime soon White they can only be Grey. 

How to move the accent? It is simple. Through making a steeps towards the diplomatic solution to the Cold Fusion crisis. We can achieve a long-lasting peace - from which both sides will be happy if we will enter the negotiations. If the Lord and his Son will sit down to the table with Sergey. 

It is a true challenge for Russian diplomacy to achieve such a state but it is the only way we can avoid the worst. New, possible global, conflict in the region.

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