Monday, May 1, 2017


     For evil peers down; a dark army of destruction is gathering in the north.
     I will destroy Jerusalem, beautiful and delicate daughter of Zion.

 Jeremiah 6

Today President Duda stating that 'sons and grandson of Traitors of Commonwealth are on many exposed posts' gave clear signal that is not open to the peace negotiations. 

Of course, in his eyes, the biggest Traitor of the nation is the Lord that has told his Russian friends of possibility of existence of his first-born son what will in consequences lead to the invasion on the country.

That all is true, however, before this act the Lord has warned nation that if the Smolensk march will be not stopped the country will share a fate of the Biblical Kingdom of Judha that was destroyed to the ground because of their wrongdoings against the Lord. 

The march of fascist was not stopped and moreover it has been expanded to the levels of the national pride, thus the Lord decided to make his intervention and crash the fallen country with the help of Russians.

Still, this fate of Poland can be changed if the rulers will change and will take up steeps to opening peace negotiations with Russians.

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