Sunday, May 14, 2017

Who is stupid?

Russians must be really frustrated by the issue of the Cold Fusion if they are turning for invectives. On their semi-official Kremlin news site you can ready today: "Why the Fear of the Russian threat is openly stupid". 

Yes, Russia economy is not heavily dependent on the export of fossil fuel and the possibility of introduction of the Cold Fusion is not spending a dream sight of their hardliners and the military. 

The Russian Federation is not investing into Nordic Stream 2 and is not building another pipe to connect it with the China. 

And at last the Russia is not investing heavily into technologies that will make them explore huge Arctic oil reserves. 

There is no threat to Poland and we can sleep happily, as they will not do everything to stop the Lord or his Son from before exchanging the Cold Fusion with the West and the China.

Of course they will allow for such transfer of the technology... Who they want to fool? Themselves? 

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