Thursday, May 11, 2017

Why not like Mikolajczyk?

Why not as Mikolajczyk, somebody could ask? He has survived his son 18th birthday and died lately at the age of 65 but his reality was completely different from that one the Lord is facing nowadays.

For first Mikolajczyk was surrounded by his people – by the Polish Jews – that was bound with him for death and life. Nowadays, the Polish landscape has been cleaned of them. Nobody there will take care of the Lord. He is alone.

For second, the Polish Jews has cheated Kabbalah and instead of Mikolajczyk they has put Witkacy on the front, stating he is the Lord. For that reason Witkacy, not Mikolajczyk has taken fatal blow when the Soviets invaded the country on 17 September 1939.

For thrid, at least, Mikolajczyk was supported by the Polish government, even if he was critical of it. It was he that has been made by his people Prime Minister in exile. Nowdays, the Lord is constantly attacked by the Polish elites and even if they sometimes are lasic they do it only, as the Polish National Democrats was lasic to Pilsudski to give him into the hand of his Russian executioners.

For that simple reason, in the post-Shoah world, the Lord does not have any hope to avoid this fatal blow on the 18th anniversary of his lost Son. He is alone in hostile enviroment and the only comfort he have is that his Russian executioners will also execute this fallen country called Poland.

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