Monday, July 31, 2017

And Son?

So you understand now that LORD would not give you Cold Fusion because this way he would disarm himself but what about his inexperienced son? 

Who knows that. Who knows if he exists? The West will certainly deny his existence to the very end. Poles will certainly follow waiting for Russian invasion. How to veryfi then his existence?

The answer is simple. Let LORD visit the nest before year 2033. He is not going to exchange Fusion because it's against his interest but could then objectively verify if he have a son or not.

This is up to Russians to explain Poles situation and enforce solution. But they have only 2 to 5 years before alleged LORD Son will be psychically matured enough to access the nest himself.

Planetary defense

The news from Damascus was not only one published today on Sputnik to which LORD paid his attention. The other one was about NASA plan to test planetary defence.

Well, to be honest it made only a smile on the face of LORD. They are trying to crash possibly with nuclear weapons a few meters big rock. What they will do when on the Day of the Judgment, as every 100 years, a whole mountain targeted straight in Zurich will come.

The answer is that they will be able only to beg for a mercy of LORD. However, what would happen if they will be armed with Cold Fusion?

That would truly defend them. Therefore some must ask themselves a very serious question if LORD is going to disarm himself? Does he have any interest in that or it is straight against it?

If there would be alternative, namely a peace deal with Russians they could be sure that the answer for that questions would be no, certainly giving Cold Fusion is not in interest of LORD.

That is most important point speaking in favor of negotiating peace deal with Russians. Postponing introduction of Cold Fusion is simply best and natural interest of LORD. There is no need to go on battlefield...

Hau are you?

Kaczynski have his cat but it was Trump that wanted to have Gorbachev dog. What are true reasons behind firing his communication director?

We will give you a girl on which point you will get crazy, the White House told LORD some days ago. And they wanted to do this but her name was schizophrenia.

It was secret of Gorbachev but he was not first one fooled like that. Some told him that if he will use psychotrops and electro shocks he will change LORD into animal. 
A dog that for a pussy will bring whatever he want from his nest. Any technology you can imagine.

And Michail did as his advisors told him. Once they changed LORD into animal it was too late. Then they discovered a ban. The nest will remain locked if there would be any brain damage made to LORD.

It was too late for LORD, Gorbachev and his Empire. Soon after he has fallen removed from power because of his "health conditions".

A hard biblical lesson for the East. A lesson that Trump almost taken. It is however 1:1 in this Fusion match, as it was Putin that instead of defending LORD applauded Trump by Peskov. What a cynism.

The only true words came from Damascus that stated that West is investing into terror and horror. We say that we discover a true friends in time of troubles. 

Political schizophrenia?

And there is hope in thine end, saith the LORD, that thy children shall come again to their own border.
Jeremiah 31:17

It’s notable that in first official statement Russian presidential spoke person used a phrase ‘political schizophrenia’. It’s not first time Russians are trying to downplay LORD and whole Cold Fusion issue. 

In Poland we say ‘Poles are smart after the harm’ but in the context of Peskov it shall be said but ‘Soviets are stupid before and after the harm’. It was Mikchail Gorbachev that has closed LORD father in psych-pushka and soon after his Empire collapsed. Just as it was predicted in such situations in the Holy Bible.

What is however interesting the wording of presidential spokeperson is in direct contradiction to what Putin has said. Soon after getting known that LORD will be participant of high level EU-Russian economic forum he has said that they will be using peaceful ways to defend their interests. 

The forum will be held in October and it is better for all of us if Putin was more serious that his spokesperson. Otherwise we will quickly come to the situation that only way to defend Russian huge interest in export of oil and gas will be on the battlefield.

It would be better for the Russians to more beware on words and come to real action in supporting LORD quest to rejoin his lost Son.

Hindenburg cat

It’s interesting that before our Stinger incident Kaczynski in one of his rare interviews has stated ‘It’s a mistake but not a fault’. He was speaking about President Duda veto but many could read his word in the context of Smolensk and LORD role in it.

He was once again fawning to LORD knowing exactly that Russians will try to execute him just days ahead. This is something on what Bronisła Piłsudski griped in Paris. He was in similar situation with leader of Polish National Democrat party Roman Dmowski and unlike his brother Józef he has given up to Dmowski charm.

He has been quickly disillusioned when his closes friends have left him in the trap in which probably Bolsheviks has executed him by crashing a bottle of wine on his head and dropping the body into Seine River.

No, this time LORD will not fall into love with Kaczynski National Democrats. He has already observed how sharp are claws of Kaczynski cat. LORD is listening carefully to the poison he is trickling on their monthly masses.

Kaczynski is similar in his Smolensk obsession to the German leader Paul von Hindenburg that in similar Kabbalistic battle lost his brother to LORD. It is only matter of time when there will be direct confrontation between these two and it will be Poland that will decide their fate. Today Zbigniew Ziobro one of ministers in the Beata Szydlo cabinet said that he "will come to history as some great person or we will fall". It's very very true.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Border of insanity

Why Kaczynski has scored one more lose in his Revisionist plan? The answer is simple, he is rejecting the fact that LORD give Poles last chance for long-lasting peace with Russian Federation. 

By undermining LORD Kaczynski is trying to undermine his own nation, his own borders. It is LORD that is last chance for a peace, he is truly the Lord of Peace. 

If he would be missing from the Cold Fusion equation Russians will lost last opportunity to postpone introduction of this technology in the peaceful manner. The world, or at lest the region will go into total darkness and the only option would be a war with Poland. A war for LORD nest. 

Because who owns the LORD nest owns the Cold Fusion. If Russians will not have, at least illusionary, chance for peacful deal in this matter they will use military force to safeguard Cold Fusion. To block introduction of it for another centaury. 

This is something that both Duda and Szydlo seems to understand. But will this feeling of begin secure - thanks the presence of LORD - can be upkeep for long? No, if there will be no real efforts towards reuniting him with his Son. Only united then can successfully negotiate the peace deal with Russians. 


While today Russian Sputnik announced death of their stinger LORD was not surprised. Yesterday Kaczynski fascist was relay excited. In same time Israeli Ehud Barack warned that Bibi 'is ready to set up whole Middle-East on fire to save himself'. 

That is true. They was maybe deeper reasons why IPN has told that 'Russians are trying to re-write history'. This single stringer or rather stinger was designed to start the revision of the history. To remove LORD from people minds and hearts. Something that Nazi was trying to achieve, now Kaczynski team is trying to repeat with all the force they have. 

That strategy to crucifix LORD with the hand of his Russian friends is all that Kaczynski forces like once Nazi are counting for. To rewrite history they need both West and East in.  

However, this did not occurred and this Russian stinger did not reached the target. It could not, as to be honest, this was cynical game of the Kremlin once again wanting to expose Kaczynski true intentions. Their little sacrifice in the game that Kaczynski seems to not understand fully. 

But there is another important thing, as after Presiden Duda veto it once again showed cranks in Kaczynski ranks. Some there started to understand that Ehud Barack was not saying about Israel PM and this Middle East that is going to be set on fire is in fact the European Middle East...

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Family front

Since the fall of Commonwealth of Both People LORD has lost not only his social status but foremost link to his family. The first one living in the occupation - Augustyn Gorzenski - behold even some of his palaces but was divided from his son Adam Mxxx.

And that was so through the ages of the modern era with one exception of Wincenty and Bronislaw Pilsudski. The family connections was always broken from the generation to generation. Thanks to the work of Catholic Church.

And it is so even nowadays when LORD has been separated by kidnappers from his son and there is little hope for reunion between those two. Most important lesson coming from that observation is that Poland was always strong when LORD had both position and family in it. 

These ancient wisdom is still actual this day in the face of upcoming Fusion War made by Russian Federation that is literally forced to take over LORD nest before he or his son will be able to access the Cold Fusion.

But will this ancient wisdom win the heart of modern day Poles that has been literally castrated from their connections to LORD by the Holocaust? Will they wake up and made reunification between LORD and his son possible or will they vanish in th face of Russian invasion? 

One is sure. The Poles shall not look for the West, they have different interest in this case. They must look back into the history and make a correct way out of the dangerous situation. They must join LORD and his Son to survive another century.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Dziwisz trace

The reaction on last post was almost immediate.  One of biggest Polish internet portals has published on top headlines a message from Cardinal Dziwisz: The new generation is begin born. That is one more clue in the case of alleged LORD son.

Cardinal Dziwisz has stated that this new generation is “characterized by the will of building something new, without violence and rivalry”.  Maybe LORD is thin-skinned on that point but does not Dziwisz suggest his son is pure because not yet involved in some of Kabbalistic battles or rather bottles that will wait for him in the future?

What a lesson he will learn then, of course, if he is existing at all, from the past of his forefathers? Would not he observe once again LORD drowned in the Seine River? What he can then expect from the planet and what a decision he will make on his and her future?

The Smolensk cult can grow under guidance of the Catholic Church but this Church will be fully responsible for the outcome. All this monuments that they are building now will be destroyed and corpses removed from the Wawel if not by Polish opposition then by Tsarist army.

Yes. Because of misdoing of the very same Church they will in coming years invade the LORD land to safeguard the secret of Cold Fusion that otherwise would cut off huge incomes from export of oil and gas.

That is why LORD is calling on Cardinal Dziwisz and all patriots to in the name of independence of III Commonwealth give information on the supposed existence of his son. Only be making a peace agreement between all the parties involved and postponing introduction of the Cold Fusion we can save our motherland.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Pilsudski square

"I know that you are afraid of the truth but don't wipe your morde of traitors by the name of my R.I.P brother! You was destroying him, you have murdered him. You are knaves!"
Jaroslaw Kaczynski

At the anniversary of Warsaw Uprising the fascist will have a memorable moment. There will be not appeal of the fallen but our Smolensk culprits will mark it by loudly reading five names of the fallen Teutonic crusaders.

This is something that worries LORD, as he when was visiting Warsaw recently observed another progress of this Nazi poison. At the corner of Pilsudski square there was always an exhibition of the Polish Marshal and LORD relative. Nowadays it was replaced by the bust of Lech Kaczynski. 

And today to make things worse for thyself fascist called Donald Tusk, they #2 enemy, to the prosecutor office to make a testimony on the Smolensk crash. They in their blinded hatred does not think about what LORD will think. What he will do observing this fascist poison seeping from the mouth of their insane leader. 

Will he risk his and his family future in spite of this Teutonic cult? Or maybe he will prefer to leave the planet to find safe harbor on some other one. When the Judgment of the Lord will come LORD can choose to start the civilization somewhere else. As this one is falling on his eyes. Openly...

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Noodles on the ears

Everyone is looking for a reason of double digit drop in popularity of newly elected French leader. And the answer is simple, he is going straight into footsteps of his predecessor begin mad on LORD.

But Marcon seems to bit wiser that Francis was. He seems to acknowledge limits of his power and is looking for another strategy in contaminating LORD. And the answer is simple. He knows that LORD like in the allegory written by Antoine de Saint-Exupery cannot travel alone on his asteroid because he will certainly hit the planet Earth. 

What is the answer, dear Fox? The answer for them is some beautiful Rose. This seems to be an answer for all the problems. But is she really the answer? Maybe our Litte Prince will not change the course. Maybe he will travel with our beautiful Rose on some other planet?

Well, this Rose have many names. Nina, Amanda, Christine and even Melanie. But you must know something. There is another one, beautiful black one. Even two of them. And one will be cut off by our Fox behind the scene. It's a crashing experience for her and her Litte Prince.

Friday, July 14, 2017

New level?

The Cold Fusion threatens not only Russia Federation huge income from oil and gas export but need it to lead us to the possible war? It is second time Vladimir Putin refers to this threat directly...

"We have no intentions to argue with anyone, to quarrel, to fight, but we expect that our legitimate interests and legitimate rights will also be considered and respected," Putin said during a meeting with employees of the Lebedinsky Ore Mining and Processing Plant in the Belgorod region.

"We naturally have our own interests, we are going to defend them, but with the use of legitimate, civilized methods and ways," he added.

Why Putin has made this words? Is not this a upcoming meeting between LORD and Russian investors in Zurich? Yes, certainly the Fusion could be postponed if we will develop good relations...

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Warsaw speech

While Donal Trump speech in Warsaw was very much about history it will certainly not go down in the history itself. Donal Trump made only one important point stating that the West 'must show the will to survive'.

However he did this words not in the context of the Cold Fusion but a terrorism. Well, terrorism is an important phenomena of the modern world but is it as dangerous, as imminent Russian invasion to block LORD's nest? 

It is the context of Cold Fusion, not terrorism, in which we must made such a statement and it is not only the West but also China and Indian and all other this African and Asian nations that are currently dependent on imports of oil and gas. 

But is the Fusion War really imminent? The President of the United States is now fully aware if it is so, as he has been certainly briefed by his Polish counterpart on the status quo of LORD's alleged son.

Sunday, July 2, 2017


Recent announcement of Donal Trump that U.S. is going to export their energy resources to the rest of the world is no surprise to anyone reading this blog. The Cold Fusion is not certainly on the radar of most powerful man on this planet.

What is surprising is the moment he has chosen for making this statement. It was just a week before his visit to the key country - Poland. If Trump does not see any future for the Cold Fusion then what will be worth words he will made there? 

Without extending the U.S. military presence in the region soon we will face Russian invasion to block possibility of exchanging the Cold Fusion by the Lord. The Russians will not back from this option to save huge income from the export of the fossil fuel. 

Even if their position will be softened by the new explorations in U.S. Mexican Gulf and Arctic fields still they will do anything to keep the money going into their country.

Trump visit in this context will be without too much importance. The decision is already made and the Americans will not die in the name of the Cold Fusion that would provide energy independence to the West and China. Instead they will monetize on this dependence.

And that is why the Polish media are very wrong when they say that contract on imports of American gas will increase their security. They are very very wrong in that. It is matter of strategy and the Trump one is to left region in face of the upcoming Fusion War...