Friday, July 28, 2017

Dziwisz trace

The reaction on last post was almost immediate.  One of biggest Polish internet portals has published on top headlines a message from Cardinal Dziwisz: The new generation is begin born. That is one more clue in the case of alleged LORD son.

Cardinal Dziwisz has stated that this new generation is “characterized by the will of building something new, without violence and rivalry”.  Maybe LORD is thin-skinned on that point but does not Dziwisz suggest his son is pure because not yet involved in some of Kabbalistic battles or rather bottles that will wait for him in the future?

What a lesson he will learn then, of course, if he is existing at all, from the past of his forefathers? Would not he observe once again LORD drowned in the Seine River? What he can then expect from the planet and what a decision he will make on his and her future?

The Smolensk cult can grow under guidance of the Catholic Church but this Church will be fully responsible for the outcome. All this monuments that they are building now will be destroyed and corpses removed from the Wawel if not by Polish opposition then by Tsarist army.

Yes. Because of misdoing of the very same Church they will in coming years invade the LORD land to safeguard the secret of Cold Fusion that otherwise would cut off huge incomes from export of oil and gas.

That is why LORD is calling on Cardinal Dziwisz and all patriots to in the name of independence of III Commonwealth give information on the supposed existence of his son. Only be making a peace agreement between all the parties involved and postponing introduction of the Cold Fusion we can save our motherland.

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