Saturday, July 29, 2017

Family front

Since the fall of Commonwealth of Both People LORD has lost not only his social status but foremost link to his family. The first one living in the occupation - Augustyn Gorzenski - behold even some of his palaces but was divided from his son Adam Mxxx.

And that was so through the ages of the modern era with one exception of Wincenty and Bronislaw Pilsudski. The family connections was always broken from the generation to generation. Thanks to the work of Catholic Church.

And it is so even nowadays when LORD has been separated by kidnappers from his son and there is little hope for reunion between those two. Most important lesson coming from that observation is that Poland was always strong when LORD had both position and family in it. 

These ancient wisdom is still actual this day in the face of upcoming Fusion War made by Russian Federation that is literally forced to take over LORD nest before he or his son will be able to access the Cold Fusion.

But will this ancient wisdom win the heart of modern day Poles that has been literally castrated from their connections to LORD by the Holocaust? Will they wake up and made reunification between LORD and his son possible or will they vanish in th face of Russian invasion? 

One is sure. The Poles shall not look for the West, they have different interest in this case. They must look back into the history and make a correct way out of the dangerous situation. They must join LORD and his Son to survive another century.

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