Monday, July 31, 2017

Hau are you?

Kaczynski have his cat but it was Trump that wanted to have Gorbachev dog. What are true reasons behind firing his communication director?

We will give you a girl on which point you will get crazy, the White House told LORD some days ago. And they wanted to do this but her name was schizophrenia.

It was secret of Gorbachev but he was not first one fooled like that. Some told him that if he will use psychotrops and electro shocks he will change LORD into animal. 
A dog that for a pussy will bring whatever he want from his nest. Any technology you can imagine.

And Michail did as his advisors told him. Once they changed LORD into animal it was too late. Then they discovered a ban. The nest will remain locked if there would be any brain damage made to LORD.

It was too late for LORD, Gorbachev and his Empire. Soon after he has fallen removed from power because of his "health conditions".

A hard biblical lesson for the East. A lesson that Trump almost taken. It is however 1:1 in this Fusion match, as it was Putin that instead of defending LORD applauded Trump by Peskov. What a cynism.

The only true words came from Damascus that stated that West is investing into terror and horror. We say that we discover a true friends in time of troubles. 

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