Monday, July 31, 2017

Hindenburg cat

It’s interesting that before our Stinger incident Kaczynski in one of his rare interviews has stated ‘It’s a mistake but not a fault’. He was speaking about President Duda veto but many could read his word in the context of Smolensk and LORD role in it.

He was once again fawning to LORD knowing exactly that Russians will try to execute him just days ahead. This is something on what Bronisła Piłsudski griped in Paris. He was in similar situation with leader of Polish National Democrat party Roman Dmowski and unlike his brother Józef he has given up to Dmowski charm.

He has been quickly disillusioned when his closes friends have left him in the trap in which probably Bolsheviks has executed him by crashing a bottle of wine on his head and dropping the body into Seine River.

No, this time LORD will not fall into love with Kaczynski National Democrats. He has already observed how sharp are claws of Kaczynski cat. LORD is listening carefully to the poison he is trickling on their monthly masses.

Kaczynski is similar in his Smolensk obsession to the German leader Paul von Hindenburg that in similar Kabbalistic battle lost his brother to LORD. It is only matter of time when there will be direct confrontation between these two and it will be Poland that will decide their fate. Today Zbigniew Ziobro one of ministers in the Beata Szydlo cabinet said that he "will come to history as some great person or we will fall". It's very very true.

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