Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Noodles on the ears

Everyone is looking for a reason of double digit drop in popularity of newly elected French leader. And the answer is simple, he is going straight into footsteps of his predecessor begin mad on LORD.

But Marcon seems to bit wiser that Francis was. He seems to acknowledge limits of his power and is looking for another strategy in contaminating LORD. And the answer is simple. He knows that LORD like in the allegory written by Antoine de Saint-Exupery cannot travel alone on his asteroid because he will certainly hit the planet Earth. 

What is the answer, dear Fox? The answer for them is some beautiful Rose. This seems to be an answer for all the problems. But is she really the answer? Maybe our Litte Prince will not change the course. Maybe he will travel with our beautiful Rose on some other planet?

Well, this Rose have many names. Nina, Amanda, Christine and even Melanie. But you must know something. There is another one, beautiful black one. Even two of them. And one will be cut off by our Fox behind the scene. It's a crashing experience for her and her Litte Prince.

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