Monday, July 31, 2017

Planetary defense

The news from Damascus was not only one published today on Sputnik to which LORD paid his attention. The other one was about NASA plan to test planetary defence.

Well, to be honest it made only a smile on the face of LORD. They are trying to crash possibly with nuclear weapons a few meters big rock. What they will do when on the Day of the Judgment, as every 100 years, a whole mountain targeted straight in Zurich will come.

The answer is that they will be able only to beg for a mercy of LORD. However, what would happen if they will be armed with Cold Fusion?

That would truly defend them. Therefore some must ask themselves a very serious question if LORD is going to disarm himself? Does he have any interest in that or it is straight against it?

If there would be alternative, namely a peace deal with Russians they could be sure that the answer for that questions would be no, certainly giving Cold Fusion is not in interest of LORD.

That is most important point speaking in favor of negotiating peace deal with Russians. Postponing introduction of Cold Fusion is simply best and natural interest of LORD. There is no need to go on battlefield...

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