Sunday, July 2, 2017


Recent announcement of Donal Trump that U.S. is going to export their energy resources to the rest of the world is no surprise to anyone reading this blog. The Cold Fusion is not certainly on the radar of most powerful man on this planet.

What is surprising is the moment he has chosen for making this statement. It was just a week before his visit to the key country - Poland. If Trump does not see any future for the Cold Fusion then what will be worth words he will made there? 

Without extending the U.S. military presence in the region soon we will face Russian invasion to block possibility of exchanging the Cold Fusion by the Lord. The Russians will not back from this option to save huge income from the export of the fossil fuel. 

Even if their position will be softened by the new explorations in U.S. Mexican Gulf and Arctic fields still they will do anything to keep the money going into their country.

Trump visit in this context will be without too much importance. The decision is already made and the Americans will not die in the name of the Cold Fusion that would provide energy independence to the West and China. Instead they will monetize on this dependence.

And that is why the Polish media are very wrong when they say that contract on imports of American gas will increase their security. They are very very wrong in that. It is matter of strategy and the Trump one is to left region in face of the upcoming Fusion War...

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