Thursday, August 31, 2017


It's official. Russian Sputnik publishes "Real-life clowns fear losing jobs because of Stephen King remarks".

Yes they shall be afraid of themselves, just as originals shall be. When LORD will depart the planet lives of not only clones will be in danger. 
LORD does not created this clones and is not responsible for what people will do with them. He remembers well what another sort of such clones did to his people. He have no mercy upon them.

He believes that once the clones will take up a role in replacement they shall be immediately shoot out. Especially mother of all clowns.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Neverending story?

Soon the Maltese replacements will start up. Under guise of our Kabbalah ladies dresses a very tragic events will be performed by the Order. If not LORD mother he would be not saying anything.

Why it is so? Because whole team was of excellent quality. They have been told years before of this operation and they did nothing to prepare themselves. Like kids in the mist they stacked to their role waiting for executioners. Waiting for replacement.

They all was extremely helpful and useful for LORD what public  could observe not one time. Even this day they do nothing to change the course of the story. How tragic story for them.

And that is why LORD will not and cannot do anything to save them. Their inactions and following of Maltese Script has put them in the very dangerous situation. LORD cannot do anything, just watching their drama and thinking of departing the planet.

Friday, August 25, 2017

What Netanyahu Tried to Negotiate

Russians cynically announced 'What Netanyahu Tried to Negotiate with President Putin in Sochi' on this Wednesday. Officially.

Unofficially LORD will be equally cynical. It's enough to say that this visit ended like some Russian bus in the Sudanese swimming pool. 

It is true that his father Ben Zion and Menachem Begin was forced to flee II Comonowealth of Poland begin afraid of Pilsudski. Some Revisionist habits Bibi has sucked together with mother milk and he will not change, just as Kaczynski will not. 

The problem is that he could be changed, or rather replaced. But he was so helpful for LORD that LORD will not notice any differences. Maybe beside of color of the eyes.

Issue still to be solved!

Germany repeated their stance on WII reparations to Poland stating that the ‘issue is already resolved’ but LORD does not believe it is so. This is a fundamental issue that he will take up during his judgement in 2033 and it is better for Germans and Poles to resolve it fully and in the proper manner…

Post scriptum

Some Polish Jews written to Kaczynski, but LORD decided to not. Jarosław is obsessed by loss of his brother. In this sense he is no different from Paul and Otto Hinderburgs.

There will be not understanding from side of Kaczynski, as he is blaming LORD for losing the twin brother. He believes that it shall be LORD and not Lech that found a death in that night. 

Now with LORD begin blamed for rape of Christine we see the same story and same mechanism. A false videos, accusations, just a lies. Same thing happened then with Melanie.

For Kaczynski time has stopped at Smolensk crash. He would be still going to blame LORD for murder of Melanie, like such ‘patriots’ was blaming Mickiewicz or Witkacy, if she would be not alive.

Now both – LORD and Melanie – are begin guilty in his eyes. Begin guilty of begin alive. 

Nothing will change that stance. No words, no letters. Kaczynski will always blame this duo for loss of his brother. He will never look at Smolensk as the fatal accident, rather he will be continuing his theories of targeted assassination.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Hidden Imam

Both Shia and Sunni Muslims believes in Hidden Imam - Mahdi that will show up together with so called second coming of the Christ. He is supposed to make Allah suspend the Doomsday until his family will reign the Muslim world.

This legend can become a reality soon. We all need somebody that will influence Russians in choosing the path of peace not the war. If the battle of Warsaw will be repeated it will not end this time with victory of Poles but in occupation of LORD land for another century. 

This is something that LORD is not going to accept and this time he will decide to depart the planet forever. Will there come some wise Muslim leader begin able to influence Kremlin and convince them to not enter the LORD land?

This way the doomsday will never come and as in the prophecies Allah will postpone it, just as he could postpone introduction of Cold Fusion. 

The question is then if there is such a Muslim leader to undertake such a mission. To bring up true meaning of Islam - the Peace...

Danish myth

It’s again loud about the Denmark. You were for sure affected by the case of some Danish millionaire and some journalist but for LORD it reminds some other crime.

The Radziwillow Palace have many secrets even from before the Presidents. One of them is some rape in which participated LORD loved one - Christine. It was few years ago during Komorowski time. She has been raped by the Satan. Yes, real one, a twin of LORD of blue eyes.

Now to hide this crime from before LORD another Aryan lady - Amanda - was put in same position that Christine was. And Christie has been moved to Denmark. Where from despair she will marry some other Danish millionaire.

But there is a hope at the end. Because of her race they cannot have an offspring. So after some years, she will return to Poland and LORD.

It is a story that repeats many times in the modern history. The biggest problem is that those inhuman creatures that committed this rape, rape of Poland, are so far unpunished and are embers of huge corruption in the Radziwillow Palace. A Presidential Palace.


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

On the horizon

Ahead of upcoming military drill at Polish border the Russian Federation changes its tone. “Provoked NATO-Russia Conflicts” possible but “No One Needs Nuclear Apocalypse” we could read today on the Russian Sputnik. 

And this is whole military doctrine outlined. The conflicts are possible, and then will probably happen but Russia does not want to make it erupt to the global level. A new World War – Fusion War – would be then prevented by the vision of use of nuclear weapons. 

This is a very effective doctrine that is counted on freezing NATO allies, most notably U.S, from engaging into the region – mainly Poland. 

What then Poles can do in spite of invasion on the Lord’s nest? There would be a hope in brining the promise of achieving Cold Fusion and uniting West and China but LORD has cooled it down stating that he does not want to see one day the Planetary Defense armed with Fusion warheads, as this would effectively disarm him.

There is one advice LORD can give to Poles – lets talk with Russian before it will be too late. There is still an option of negotiating peace deal with them in which LORD will postpone introduction of Cold Fusion for decades, if not centuries. 

This would guarantee Russian their huge incomes from oil and gas exports and thus will demotivate them from invading the country to capture and safeguard access to Lord’s nest.