Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Breaking the deal?

Some in Russia has questioned LORD veracity suggesting that one day he will change a mind. But what then would happen?

For first there is fundamental misunderstanding of the situation. LORD does not have an interest to exchange Cold Fusion because one day it would become part of NASA planetary defense. This would forever change our space game and will de facto disarm him.

For second if such situation would have a place Russian Federation would take a bloody revenge on Poland and Ukraine. Taking over not only the land but also lives of Polish officers. Something that would exceed massacres we know from Katyń. 

For third LORD will have financial interest as Russia will be paying him every year a certain amount of petro dollars.

So while LORD have no interest in giving anybody Cold Fusion there is a factor of revenge in play, as well monetary incentive. If we will include Ukraine in deal it would further safeguard the deal. 

This is something that Lord thinks, but we do not know how his Son will behave. The arguments of planetary defense is very heavy but he need to listen to him. And so far it is not possible…

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