Sunday, August 13, 2017


It seems that our Donal Trump has come into crock-screw effect. Now DOG is haunting him everywhere. Where to hide? Or rather how to hide the truth...

It's hard to forget that some wanted to treat you worse that an animal but it is true 'it is not a time to sour relations', as Russian Sputnik noticed. Trump will never again be so beautiful as he was before turning against LORD but still can be useful in this Maltese play.

There are bigger challenges on the horizon, as a replacement of LORD mother and some of the world leaders are coming up in very nice dress of Amanda. This will be a ultimate test for Trump real influence and the position of US in the region.

The play is going to start in the next six months and if not Trump, then who else will be able to oppose it? Coming from the independent background he seems to be our last hope. Will he pass this exam?

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