Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Hidden Imam

Both Shia and Sunni Muslims believes in Hidden Imam - Mahdi that will show up together with so called second coming of the Christ. He is supposed to make Allah suspend the Doomsday until his family will reign the Muslim world.

This legend can become a reality soon. We all need somebody that will influence Russians in choosing the path of peace not the war. If the battle of Warsaw will be repeated it will not end this time with victory of Poles but in occupation of LORD land for another century. 

This is something that LORD is not going to accept and this time he will decide to depart the planet forever. Will there come some wise Muslim leader begin able to influence Kremlin and convince them to not enter the LORD land?

This way the doomsday will never come and as in the prophecies Allah will postpone it, just as he could postpone introduction of Cold Fusion. 

The question is then if there is such a Muslim leader to undertake such a mission. To bring up true meaning of Islam - the Peace...

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