Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Neverending story?

Soon the Maltese replacements will start up. Under guise of our Kabbalah ladies dresses a very tragic events will be performed by the Order. If not LORD mother he would be not saying anything.

Why it is so? Because whole team was of excellent quality. They have been told years before of this operation and they did nothing to prepare themselves. Like kids in the mist they stacked to their role waiting for executioners. Waiting for replacement.

They all was extremely helpful and useful for LORD what public  could observe not one time. Even this day they do nothing to change the course of the story. How tragic story for them.

And that is why LORD will not and cannot do anything to save them. Their inactions and following of Maltese Script has put them in the very dangerous situation. LORD cannot do anything, just watching their drama and thinking of departing the planet.

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