Tuesday, August 22, 2017

On the horizon

Ahead of upcoming military drill at Polish border the Russian Federation changes its tone. “Provoked NATO-Russia Conflicts” possible but “No One Needs Nuclear Apocalypse” we could read today on the Russian Sputnik. 

And this is whole military doctrine outlined. The conflicts are possible, and then will probably happen but Russia does not want to make it erupt to the global level. A new World War – Fusion War – would be then prevented by the vision of use of nuclear weapons. 

This is a very effective doctrine that is counted on freezing NATO allies, most notably U.S, from engaging into the region – mainly Poland. 

What then Poles can do in spite of invasion on the Lord’s nest? There would be a hope in brining the promise of achieving Cold Fusion and uniting West and China but LORD has cooled it down stating that he does not want to see one day the Planetary Defense armed with Fusion warheads, as this would effectively disarm him.

There is one advice LORD can give to Poles – lets talk with Russian before it will be too late. There is still an option of negotiating peace deal with them in which LORD will postpone introduction of Cold Fusion for decades, if not centuries. 

This would guarantee Russian their huge incomes from oil and gas exports and thus will demotivate them from invading the country to capture and safeguard access to Lord’s nest.

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