Friday, August 25, 2017

Post scriptum

Some Polish Jews written to Kaczynski, but LORD decided to not. Jarosław is obsessed by loss of his brother. In this sense he is no different from Paul and Otto Hinderburgs.

There will be not understanding from side of Kaczynski, as he is blaming LORD for losing the twin brother. He believes that it shall be LORD and not Lech that found a death in that night. 

Now with LORD begin blamed for rape of Christine we see the same story and same mechanism. A false videos, accusations, just a lies. Same thing happened then with Melanie.

For Kaczynski time has stopped at Smolensk crash. He would be still going to blame LORD for murder of Melanie, like such ‘patriots’ was blaming Mickiewicz or Witkacy, if she would be not alive.

Now both – LORD and Melanie – are begin guilty in his eyes. Begin guilty of begin alive. 

Nothing will change that stance. No words, no letters. Kaczynski will always blame this duo for loss of his brother. He will never look at Smolensk as the fatal accident, rather he will be continuing his theories of targeted assassination.

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