Tuesday, August 1, 2017

To the patriots

The recent post has put Polish patriots in bad spotlight but you must remember that axis of this dispute is a right of the Father to have free access to his beloved Son. If Poles will choose right side they will avoid bloody war with Russia and will enter new era of long lasting peace, security and prosperity.

The other issue, important for our neighboring country Ukraine is that their case can be also bring up to the negotiating table. If Russia will want to secure the deal it will need to move back from the Ukrainian territories. 

This negotiation will not be simple and on both sides we need to have good understanding and good will. LORD trust that Vladimir Putin is right person to make it on the Russian side. The question is who will pick up it from the Polish side. Kaczynski is for some obvious reason wrong choice and will lead us nowhere. 

Poles must understand deeply the situation if want to upkeep independence and sovereignty of our country. The Red Army shall be last resort but it is necessary to force kidnapers to return stolen child to his Father.  

It is irony of the history that LORD is siding with Russia Federation but in this case they have a common interest. He can share with mankind some advances, as he used to do in the past but not the Cold Fusion. It is something that our Western partners need to accept if they want to avoid possible global conflict.

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