Wednesday, September 6, 2017

12 childrens

Last post has provoked Russians to state that they “will do everything in our power to guarantee our security as much as possible”. It’s good sign and has forced LORD to remind the times of Tsar Alexander II. 

Poland was at that time of occupation of Russia, Prussia and Austria but for LORD that was living in the Russian partition the times was not so bad as are now when he is living in the free and independent Poland.
He was maybe not happy of the fact that Russians are occupying his country and has headed an uprising against the Tsar but even that fact did not changed attitude of Tsar towards his brother.

It was Wincenty Pilsudski that has at the end left this word with 12 daughters and sons. Russians did not execute him after the first son but allowed to have a huge family. Situation not possible in modern Poland where LORD is too afraid of having just one son.

The Russians was very pragmatic in the way they handled our rebel. They was maybe thinking lite bit more about future. Having so big family was biding LORD to the planet. At the end he will not left it having there so much offspring. 

The things was however completely different when Russia turned from White to Red. It was Stalin NKVD that has murdered all family of the LORD. All 12 has been killed or died more or less naturally.

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