Tuesday, September 19, 2017


For first time from long time Jews has invited Kaczynski to their event. LORD is happy that he has enjoyed his stay, as it was Israel that in common opinion could cod his brother into the bottle. 

Kaczynski has given a many complements for Israel but LORD is not so soft on it. It is great that Jews have their own state but it is wrong to paint them as heroes. No all of them.

Hitler has saw difference between Western and Eastern Jews and same see LORD. The first was dedicated to Malta when the others to him. And that is a change that Hitler did. The second do not exist now.

There is big difference between modern Jew and that one that vanished in the Shoah. The modern Jews has forgotten about LORD praying in their temples to another God – a Golden Calf. 

It is not first time in the history but now situation is different because Jewish race has almost vanished and those that are Jews nowadays are mostly a converts from Gentiles.

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