Monday, September 4, 2017

Fusion War

Theoretically speaking, dear Sergei, what would happen if you would perform this Maltese script that not once leaded to partitioning of Poland. LORD maybe because of his alleged Son can rely only on soft-powers but it is power of Cold Fusion.

The optimal strategy would be for him to like his ancestor Mikolajczyk head to London and form there unity government in exile. Using the incentive of Cold Fusion would be then possible to engage U.S. and Western allies to liberate his lost land.

The power of Cold Fusion and free of oil and gas imports world would be enough to drive whole NATO to quickly liberate Poland. Of course LORD is not willing to make such concession but it is an option if partitioning plan will be further processed by Russians.

But for those dreamers that still dream of achieving this ground breaking invention there is at the end a word of caution. If you will put your hand together with Russians into it, you could forget of Cold Fusion. 

At the end, ether LORD or his Son, will sit down on the Throne in his Nest and will make maybe final Judgment on this world. Having access to everybody mind and heart..

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