Monday, September 25, 2017

Hunt begins

When AfD leading candidate said yesterday that ‘will hunt fo Merkel’, she could read his words straight. Together with her reclaiming the Chancellor post, the replacement operation can start now.

It will be a real hunt now for her and some other world leaders. With fascism raising openly not only in Germany. 

They are truly ‘reactive’, as World Congress of Jews called them and their progress can make a Judgment of God simpler.  

But it is also a true that this that will fall to them are partially faulty themselves. They did nothing to stop this Teutonic corruption that was slowly surrendering them. They was deaf on LORD pointing to killing of Ms. Bonnaparte or rape in Radziwillow palace.

They sticked to their luxury settings having him deeply in regards. The only exception are LORD family members that their only fault is that Malta in their scripture have replacement for them.

Those that will support such move must be blind completely begin no afraid of the upcoming Judgment of the God. It is only 16 years left and you will not clean this planet from the pollution such replacements will do. So why you risk LORD departing this planet. Forever…

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