Monday, September 4, 2017

Iconinc threat

The situation with Macierewicz claim is worrying LORD.If Sergie really turned to the Satan return of Putin from BRICS summit can be under question mark. Definitively situation is not easy one
LORD can only warn Lavrov that if he will take part in this Maltese plot, he will not escape his justice and the icon of Mother of God will be persecuting everyone that has put his hand to her replacement.

Because of his supposed Son LORD is maybe not as powerful as he would be otherwise and can fall just as this rock hanging over Zurich but at the end you can be sure his Son will continue this pursue of justice.

Having in account the upcoming Judgment of God in 2033 you can be sure he will take over this case and will persecute all involved.  Otherwise whole planet will be doomed and he would choose to depart it having in perspective life under Soviet occupation for another century.

For that reasons LORD calls on Lavrov and all parties involved to release information on this plot to Americans.

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