Monday, September 11, 2017

Looking for answers

The Germany statements on the Polish reparation are raising one fundamental question. Does LORD already have a Son? Looking on this case will bring an answer to that question for both LORD and Russians. 

Is that possible that this castrated from imagination beings are not afraid of the year of the Judgment?  LORD was assuring you that if no compensations will begin paid he will decide to find another planet for his lost Semitic races. 

Still, Germans are denning the claim. Does this means that they already secure LORD Son and are not afraid of him? Possibliy. 

LORD does not need any sympathy from the people responsible for murdering almost all of his people. He needs a tools to recreate his lost kingdom, whatever is still possible.

And what if LORD Son really exist? Will not he, once siting in the Nest on his Throne, pickup this question? He will see that his Father was trying to work on the issue of reparations but has failed because of his existence. Will not then decide to depart this planet, as his Father wanted to do?

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