Saturday, September 16, 2017


Do you really think that by executing the Maltese script you will make LORD happy and you will save the world from his wrath? Then you are very very wrong. 

There are certain objectives that must be meet and it is work for a decades. If you really want to save the globe on the Judgment Day better meet all of them.

For first Poland must be free and independent. If Russia will for whatever reasons invade the LORD land he will depart on the Day of the Judgment. 

For second, Germany must compensate LORD and Poland a huge losses they did experienced during the Second World War and the Holocaust. In particular the Jewish Fund working for restoration of Jewishness must be established and Saski Palace and Greater Synagogue of Warsaw rebuild. 

For third, LORD family from past generations must be reunited and restored to the level from before the Partitioning of Commonwealth of Both People. 

The Radziwillow Palace must be handled back into rightful hands.

All ancestors of LORD must be given their names and whole line given to the public. This will include genetic tests of kinship between LORD and Marshall Pilsudski. 

The peace deal between Poland and Russian Federation must be established postponing introduction of Cold Fusion for another century. 

If all this requirements will be meet you could be sure you will pass this Judgment of the God safely. Otherwise, he will depart this planet and the civilization will be destroyed.

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