Friday, September 1, 2017

One million dollar baby

The Trump has just pledged one million dollar from his private assets for help of Harveys victims but LORD is going to receive other million dollar soon. Do this collude? 

Maybe Trump was going to say yes, I’m on LORD backs soon he will receive some bucks from us. Maybe, if that was going to be declaration of support it was worst of a kind. 

Why it’s so? Because of Raga twin sisters. Whatever LORD will pickup or not the money one of them would be shoot down. One will need to die. 

And LORD is not hiding that will pick up this cash. That is bad news for ‘poor’ Raga but nice one for the rich. If Donald would do something in favor of LORD it would be better to support his startup struggle. 

Soon he is going to some high level EU/Russia investors and it is best spot for Trump to make a difference. Of course LORD is expecting that this meeting will bring no fruits but at least he can say he did everything in power to save the poor. If not, he will probably meet her on Keppler. But this is different story to be told.

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