Monday, September 4, 2017

White Russia

LORD had always problem with Stalin but never with the Russian Army. Thanks to Marshall Budyonny he have at the end even overcome both Beria and Stalin. Whatever the history of occupation was, Russian Army always guarded his safety.

And also nowadays, when Russian Federation has found itself on the historical crossroads, he have a strong allies in the ranks of the Army.

While Russia is now White, our relations are on highest level in the history and can be further bring to completely new level in Zurich.

Together we can endure a never ending peace. A time of prosperity. An age of not ice but of resurrection of the Jewish race and nation. Why, dear Sergei and others, you want to destroy this prospect? Why you want Red Russia, while it always shined when begin White?

The conflict that can quickly arose will be of greater dimensions. Thanks to the ultimate card of Cold Fusion it can be brined from local one to the global. This is a card that LORD does not want to play but if will be forced, he can do this.

Why Sergei and others you want to bring another era of hostility that will end, for You not LORD, tragically? Why you want to paint the Russia on Red by the blood of your righteous leaders?

Let together crush in the bud the Teutonic Storm that once again want to overtake the planet. Let it will be a hit like on your modern emblem. Straight into the heart of this dragon of corruption...

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