Friday, September 1, 2017

Wind from East

They does not know how to behave in their brand new brown uniforms with the old swastik on arms but Polish Minister of Defence has for sure fallen in love with this old poster. 

Today, at Westerplate, he was trying to close the ranks uplifting morale of so called ‘Polish patriots’. “We knows that we are threatened by the people that from the East,  by the aggression, wants to change the order”.

That would be a true if LORD would not try to reconcile with his supposed son. The threat of Russian aggression was not born from that fact but from the danger he – LORD’s Son – could bring the West and China the power of the Cold Fusion.

But did not Macierewicz, heading Kaczynski band of clowns, did not fallen in LORD’s trap once again painting him, as some other ‘patriots’, was doing?

Moreover, that is only one side of the coin. What Macierewicz is proposing? Do not he dreams of replacing LORD ally Putin with his clone? Would this not lead us to direct war with Russians? Would not his Vlad return to him on the Soviets tanks? 

What kinds of patriots and where they want to lead our country we will see in the LORD mother eyes...

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