Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Ross 128b

LORD is looking again high into the sky. It was news of new Earth like planet – Ross 128b – discovered recently by the scientists. The time is running quickly, only 16 Earthly years has left to the Final Judgment.

How naïve are inhabitants of this planet if they think that the ancient Scripture will save them. The drama of Raga, similarly to this of Ms.  Bonaparte  will be encoded into his hearth. And what to say of the fate of his mother.

The last years was years in exile. Years in prison. Years of enslavement. Where are his people to allow for this, he thinks often. They has vanished long time ago in the Aushwitz Birkenau and other places like that.

There is no hope for change of the situation. No hope, beside this illusion that the Scripture offers. Will it save the day? He doubts. The alternative is to recreate his lost kingdom on the another planet. Ant it is so near…

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