Sunday, December 31, 2017

Italian response

In response to the LORD manifesto Polish TVN24 just ahead of the New Year published a post entitled 'Italian President appeals to political parties for more realistic programs'.

You do not understand that LORD already have enough of this planet and the only thing he dreams is to start new civilization on some other.

If you want to survive you must fully endorse his program and pray to him to change his mind. There is no alternative and yes you have very limited time for that. Just 15 years.

Manifesto - Re-Written

The Judgment Day ruling will be announced on first day of Hanuka 2033 in Jerusalem. Below you will find re-written Lord's Manifesto that contains 9 points that are per-conditions to have a positive verdict.

The Miracles of the Lord
  1. The palace in Dobrzyca and Radziwiłł's palace in Warsaw must be handled to the Lord for his headquarters.
  2. The Lord must return to his original Radziwiłł name and his family must be fully compensated a loses since the time of partitioning of the Commonwealth of Both People.
  3. The Saski's palace and the Grand Synagogue of Warsaw must be rebuild by the Germany nation. The Germany and Russia must compensate the Polish nation a II World War destruction. The special fund for the restoration of Jews by birth must be established.
  4. The Israel must acknowledge the Lord person and pay an annual contribution for their rights to the Holy Land.
  5. Lord's father must be acknowledged, as the victim of the Communism and the truth of Lord's forefathers announced to the world.
  6. The Catholic Church must stop idolatry's teachings that the Lord is some unknown super-power residing in the skies above the Earth and the original doctrine of God begin a living man must be re—introduced.
  7. All the places and monuments that recalls so called Smolensk catastrophe must be removed from the surface of the Earth.
  8. The King of Belgium will make public apology for his treatment of the Lord when He stayed in his Kingdom.
  9. Permanent and ancestral position of the High Commissioner of UN Security Council will be given to the Lord

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Martian world

People from Radziwiłłów Palace has today painted the vision of ultra totalitarian world correctly pointing out that with the LORD it cannot be obtained.

That was a case of Mars and their dictate. The conflict between them has destroyed whole planet. And that could be a case of Earth too. That is 
 worrying LORD and is making him to depart this planet for another one.

 It would be impossible to erase from his memory this time he has already spent on the Earth. The time of total marginalisation. The time in which he observed how people are already enslaved in the secret services world which decides who can or cannot enter the world of politics.

That all is true but why this guys from Palace are painting such images before him. To later propose their Atlantis solution. Let rape him or he will depart this planet. Forever.

Secret of Red Planet

 "Such a thing is an immortality" 
Adam Mickiewicz, Forefathers

You know already this red lines enacted in the Holy Bible but in reality it is only a trick to mobilize his people. The truth is much harder. Let discover the secret of Red Planet.

Once our cousin Mars was twin to the Earth. It also had water, plants, animals and of course humans.

It had also his own LORD and the Scripture. The problem arise when the Jewish race was eradicated from their surface.

The people there was grown with disrespect to LORD and he has been alienated. Put on the margin of society.

He was not aware of his power and why others are treating him worse that a dog. And somehow being unable to find his own place had committed suicide.

And that has triggered an explosion of his Nest because it is programmed so. If there is no continuation of LORD the program is terminated and whole globe explodes...

New Year Wishes

To all readers of this blog LORD wishes perseverance. The upcoming year 2018 will be breakthrough one and many miracles will occur what will further strengthen you in the faith.  

To the world leaders he wishes bigger wisdom. There only 15 years has left to the Judgment Day that this time will be hold on the Promised Land in Jerusalem. There is still a lot to work to be done if you want to hear positive verdict. 

To common people LORD wishes an openness of heart and minds for his word. The return of the LORD is unstoppable and he is undeniable.

For Kabalah ladies this year will be special one. For Raga twins especially as one will bear LORD black son. The other will be murdered by the Order. 

LORD did everything in his power to save the poor one but he also needs money. Poor Raga. 

For Amanda this year will make her closer to the freedom. At the end of next year she shall be together with LORD. Whatever she wish so or not but the alternative is death or... Manowski.

Nina is hard struggling for her dreamed marriage and LORD wishes it too but she will need to wait in line another year. 

Worst is for Christine, most beloved. But the Order is preparing weeding party for her in Denmark. Agree for this, as there is nothing yet for you but be sure the day will come when you will join the Lord. Forever. 

Friday, December 29, 2017

Praying for rain

The European Commission after yesterday video stated that "The red lines exists" and indeed graveyards are full of proofs for that but today we are going to reply on some other thing.
The Messianic Jews are growing in numbers while are begin persecuted by the Israel. Even if they are unique bridge filling the gap between LORD and his people.

In this context recent call to prayers for rain made by some Israeli minister is going in the opposite direction. They knows well that LORD while is not siting on his Throne cannot do anything like inciting a rain. Still they are praying for that.

The question is then to which God they are praying? This one they have can give them rain but of the meteorites.

Monday, December 25, 2017

St. Stephan day

On the second day of Christmas LORD wants to voice his support and thanks to the Messianic Jews movement. Among all religious movements it is one closes to his hearth.

The thanks has been already expressed in the air in the recent days but it is still worth to underline the contributions that this movement gives to his case. 

You, Messianic Jews, are currently treated worse that the Gentiles by the Jewry and so called Jewish State but the day of the LORD is coming unstoppable.

The LORD wishes you at this occasion very special and direct wishes of the prosperity and the respect in the diaspora. You are truly an avantgarde among the Jews.

LORD is fully aware about your status in the Jewry and all the troubles that some are making to you in the State of Israel but you can be sure that your case will prevail and you will be given a proper place among the diaspora. 

LORD is sure that in the coming years you will grown in the numbers and the strength.

Soon nobody is going to deny the Jewishness of you. Nobody is going to compare you to the Christians. Because you are a Messianic Jews. Thus said the LORD, God of Israel.

To Pope

Recently the Pope Francis expressed in his Christmas wishes a wish to be beloved by the God. How this old fart could become the favorite of the LORD?

For first he need to be useful. Talking all the time of the drama of the refugee is not. There are more important topics to which he could pay attention like the upcoming Judgment of the God.

He during his vigil mass told that want to reforge fear of the LORD into love. Well, certainly he thinks about Amanda but there is nobody that could help her in her mission.

The fear of the Wrath of the God is not existing among the general population and the Cult of Golden Calf is the best example. This will drive them to replacements and the Lord to depart the planet.

When the real fear will come it will be simply to late. What people are going to offer the LORD is simply too lite too late.

This is a task for the head of biggest Church. To inform the faithfuls of the coming Judgment and the role of the Lord. The Saviour.

He have already LORD's Manifesto. He knows exactly what LORD is expecting in this 15 years time frame. But did he paid any attention to this document? Or will be stammering of the refuges?

Sunday, December 24, 2017


How foolish are Golden Calf cultists. They has asked how LORD will reach them. They are now in Radziwiłłów Palace protected by crackers.

They all will be executed by the House of Levi ordered by the Word of God. Every your word and action is recorded in the global computer in the Nest.

There is no way to hide. No way to escape. Others will murder you when they will realize that there is no other way to bring the Salvation to the planet Earth.

If you will get on that list you can be sure that you will get executed. Whatever you 
was finger or head of the operation.

It is all recorded and you will meet dead end. What other choice will have the people if their God will depart this planet forever. If he will crash your civilization from the sky...

Mother of God

For he says to Moses, “I will have mercy on whom I have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I have compassion.”
Romans 9:15

This Christmas are very special for the LORD. It is maybe last one he is going to spend with his Mother - Our Lady of Jasna Gora. The plan of replacements is going to be executed just after Presidential Elections in Russia. 

Therefore LORD is again warning those of loyal to the Malta Order. The Day of the Judgment is unavoidable and the legions of Sons and Daughters of Levi will again raise their swords, just as in the days of the Golden Calf.

Nobody who has participate in this Satanic Rite will survive it. This evil cult will be eradicated from the surface of this planet or it will be hit be the Wrath of the LORD. 

You will maybe find a safe harbor on some other planet because on this one there will be no place for you. The whole arm will be cut off. From the finger to the head. Even if this will mean thousands of executions. The whole planet will shed in their blood.

The House of Levi is raising in numbers with every day. Soon nobody will need to teach the name of his Lord to his neighbor because every one will know it. And the name is the Salvation. Salvation of the Earth. Mother Earth.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Bethlehem's Star

Children will look for the first star to begin they Christmas vigil but is Bethlehem's Star something good for them?

Every hundreds years a meteor or rather comet is heading to the Earth trying to hit it in the hearth of Switzerland. And every hundred years LORD is making his Judgment, as he is the only one that can stop it.

From centuries this Bethlehem's Star is guiding the mankind towards the LORD and it is so these days. The problem is that he usually does not know about this but this is not a case today.

Today he is full of expectations that he has presented in his Manifesto to the Pope. But that has been ignored...

Friday, December 22, 2017

Christmas time

The time is coming for favorite holidays of Kaczyński family. The Christmas - birthday of Jesus Christ. The birthday of God.

This time will be for Kaczyński a time of reflection. He shall be already aware that without the Son of the LORD he will be not able to break the secret verse of the New Covenant. That he will be able to execute the LORD.

And so for almost every Christian the Christmas and the Easter is the essence of the religious life. They first need a Son of the Lord to later crucifix the LORD.

Thus the coming year will be a year of Amanda. LORD girlfriend from Radziwiłłów Palace. A hope for the final solution for the LORD crucifixion.

But will it be so? LORD must warn you that this way you will not see his Son. Well, you could if you would be taken with him to Keppler as all his girlfriends. Also those ones murdered by your Script. 

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Dark Day

Through thousands of years LORD and his people was humiliated and persecuted all over the world. Today vote of United Nation is just a proof that Jews are no differently treated these days.


The way Trump is handling UN criticism of recent acknowledgement of Jerusalem as capital of Jewish State is not nice but what to say about his critics. They are people that often talk about God but does not recognize nether him, nor his will. 

There is nothing wrong with accepting a reality that Jerusalem is capital of Israel. They, Jews, was struggling for this for thousands of years and have Biblical right to Jerusalem.

LORD hopes that this UN resolution will be defeated what will honor his people murdered in places like Auschwitz Birkenauen. Many of them dreamed of having such capital.

The calls to reject U.S. vote are indeed anti-semitic in nature. They are denning the Jews their ultimate dream. Dream of having State of Israel with capital in Biblical Jerusalem. 

Therefore LORD is calling on all that did not lost their mind to vote against such resolution. The fact that Jewish People have their state and their capital in Jerusalem does not mean that Palestinians does not have legitimate rights to have same. 

LORD truly believes that both people will have their states and capital in Jerusalem before the Day of the Judgment. The calls of Turkey/Iranian coalition are just denning the Jews their right to have their own state and as such cannot be accepted. They are against LORD will are Satanic in their nature...

Tuesday, December 19, 2017


The decision on the ruling over this world is not certain yet but one thing has been decided. The LORD will announce it on the first day of Hanuka 2033 in Jerusalem. The capital of both people. The capital of state of Israel and the Palestine.


Visit Hanukkah'33 official site!

New Covenant

Thus saith the Lord, which giveth the sun for a light by day, and the ordinances of the moon and of the stars for a light by night, which divideth the sea when the waves thereof roar; The Lord of hosts is his name:
If those ordinances depart from before me, saith the Lord, then the seed of Israel also shall cease from being a nation before me for ever.

Thus saith the Lord; If heaven above can be measured, and the foundations of the earth searched out beneath, I will also cast off all the seed of Israel for all that they have done, saith the Lord.

Jeremiah 31:35-37

Who is a Jew?

Lord does not usually meddle in the internal affairs of Jewry or State of Israel but this time together with issue of Messianic Jews they posed a very fundamental question: Who is a JEW?

When David Ben-Gurion was working on the Law of Return he had a basic principle in his mind: "A JEW IS SOMEBODY THAT IS CONSIDERING HIMSELF A JEW".

Whatever for the Jewry or State of Israel in this context this should be obvious principle many are trying to change Law or Return into instrument that will define who is or not a Jew. This is unwelcome stance by the Lord.

The issue raised together with so called Messianic Jews, a Jews that are acknowledging Jesus Christ as the Messiah. Whatever it is true or false, and LORD have also his doubts on this, they cannot be denied a Jewishness based on it! And this is a fact in modern State of Israel. 

The only obligation coming from the Holy Bible for someone to claim to be a Jew is an acceptance of the Covenant made by LORD between his people - a Jews. 

As a symbol of this Covenant the Jews MUST be circumcised. This is a symbol of unity and acceptance of the Covenant. And that is the only requirement to claim a Jewishness. No law and in particular Law of Return can be above this...


How bamboozled is Donald Trump? First instead of GOD he believed in DOG that will bring him a Cold Fusion. Now his top aide says about begin prepared to forcefully denuclearize [North Korea].

What this hard-liners have in their mind when are communicating this way? They know already that LORD is in practice immortal until he will have a Son. So what to do? Lets rape him. That is their answer. 

The problem is that that would not save them, as the meteor is 15-16 years away from the planet Earth and the offspring would not be matured enough to stop it. Then the whole globe would finish like Atlantis where they tested this strategy.

The other thing is that the Holy Bible and the New Covenant is protecting LORD from such move. If it would be performed a Jews would stop to be a Jews, forever...

Who is then 'Revisionist' forces, as declared proudly in the Trump Military Strategy. Russia, China or just Trump's America. It is not strange why his popularity is so low...

Monday, December 18, 2017

Yacht "Morawiec"

Looking on how to get out of economical troubles LORD recalls his time in Amsterdam. His boat because of supposed Melanie murder has come to the urban legends. 

The harvest from that time was greatest in the history of this planet. Polish nations has gave many proofs of their true nature.

How serious world leaders are when it comes to the Judgment Day we can see again. Ahead of the great catastrophe...

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Route 66

This was long night for Boris Johnson and Theresa May. First Russians told our Boris to beware during his trip to Russia on vodka and beautiful girls then surprising everyone Macron stated that (Assad) will remain in power.

Less nice was Polish MP Gowin that told people that 'III RP was a skull that will never smile again'. Of course it is LORD that in his eyes is personification of III RP and now the time has come for the IV RP.

Fortunately the reason of this Christmas wishes has been found dead officially at some high way. It was some British diplomat found at Route 66.

On Christ

Figure of Jesus Christ is controversial not only to Jews and Muslims. Also LORD have some doubts about him.

It is not matter of if he was Son of God but rather if he was Messiah. Why? Because if he was so Jews could not crucifix him if they would do such thing they according to New Covenant would stop to be a Jews, forever.

Such killing of the Messiah was only possible if he have a Son. Did then Jesus had a son? Some claim that it was a case with Maria Magdalena.

The other possibility why Jews has executed him could be his origin. As we read in the Bible his origin was not natural. Possibly it was a kind of semi in vitro.

If yes then the rest of the New Testament would be a lie. Jesus then was not a Saviour. Psychically he was missing a mole on the edge of the right ear but yes still could be a Son of God...


The whole Revisionist doctrine must be changed and the truth about LORD told to the public. There is no other way to avoid his wrath.

Through years Polish government was build Nazi cult of the fallen brother. This need to be erased. The monuments and other places of memory destroyed and the body of Kaczyński removed from Wawel Castle.

But whole revisionism must be dropped off globally. The people must know their God and understand why we are removing fascism from public space. The change must be authentic because LORD will check every single heart and mind to verify if it will be safe for him after the Judgment. 

The process will take many years but this is only way to not depart this planet. Forever...

Saturday, December 16, 2017


The world leaders and most of the priests used to treat Lord as trash because in their doctrine he is 'invisible' but in various times he was able to take over exposed posts like Henchman or Prime Minister .

The rulers thinks that in last moment they will give him a candy and he will save them on the day of the Judgment. It was working well with Mickiewicz but will not work nowadays.

After the Holocaust things has changed. There are no more Polish Jews about which LORD was taking care. They are waiting for him on Kepler. In the paradise.

However as long as his mother is alive there is still a chance that together we will be able to change LORD mind and he will not depart this planet. 

It would be a long process that cannot be performed ad hoc in the last moment. LORD has already presented his Manifesto to the Pope with points that must be put into life to safely pass his Judgment but this Manifesto has been ignored. 

Among other points is an establishment of High UN Commissioner post for the LORD. Something that will take a years to complete. 

The whole Revisionist doctrine must be abandoned and thinking of the people changed if you want to survive. And that will be long lasting process. If successful will save you, otherwise it will be end of your civilization...

Jesus plush

It is not only politicians and media that are detached from the reality. We have saying that fish stinks from head down. What to say about Pope these days? 

When mankind was facing same crisis around the Judgment of God in the year close to 1033 it was head of the Church Silvester II that was sounding the alarm. He saw that time as the end of your days. A true Armageddon on the horizon - he was shouting loud to the faithfuls. 

Somehow the mankind has survived but what is more interesting is that LORD meet the Pope at that time and transfered some knowledge so desperately needed by the West.

The problem? Well, our Silvester II to the end could not accept superiority of the LORD and to solve this puzzle, he has called him publicly a Satan. 

That was thousand years ago, now the history has made a circle again and you are facing a reality in which LORD want to depart this planet for another one. Is anyone thinking about this? Do you hear something about end of our time from Vatican? 

No. It is same gabble in the media. Same urine souping from the mouth of the Pope and other leaders. Nobody see a problem. Nobody. 

This shall be a matter of biggest urgency not only to the Pope. The crisis will not go away, every day closer to the Judgment it will be only bigger. Every day closer to the Judgment day Jesus Bethlehem star is closer and closer.

And what is Pope doing? He uses LORD as the urinal. Almost every day, almost every mass...

Painfull question

"It is very painful when some Polish citizen says there is no space for me. I have very abstract question: if there is no space in Poland for Jews what will happen if Jesus will want to come to Poland? Maybe, if there is no space for Jews, even Jesus cannot be here.", 
Rabin Schurdich

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


The upcoming New Year is time for reflection. Only dozen of years has left to the Judgment Day. Is there any hope left for mankind?

It is maybe first time in the modern history when LORD is consistent about power he have on the globe. It is maybe first time they have send him in that time to the exile and the prison.

The Black Water signaled recently that they own him million dollars but for any that owns a company it is just a penny. Probably even one billion would not change his stance.

Together with Ms. Bonaparte you have murdered his dreams and the youth. This cannot be repair and there is no will to repair it. Instead you want to murder his mother and cousin because it is so in your script.

Instead of serious talks there is only a work and bread politics something that is not enough. There is no reflection on the people side and no seriousness. 

You have failed that is a common truth that will be presented to you on the judgment day. When LORD will depart this planet for another one. When his wrath will hit you from the sky. Straight into Zurich...

Recognizing Palestine

Faithfuls all over the Palestine and the world are letting deaf ears to the Hamas calls for the third Intifada and protests against recent Trump decision to rightfully recognize Jerusalem as Israel capital are smaller that expected. 

Today Organization of Islamic States called to recognize Palestinian state with capital in Jerusalem and this is also a call in the line with LORD will. Both people can live on the Promised Land in the peaceful cooperation. In the two state solution.

However, closing for a dialogue with United States and Israel is not a way forward for Palestinians. LORD strongly believes that such a declarations are against the will of Palestinians and for sure are against their interest. 

Only by continuing the peace process and writing new chapter in it we can achieve durable pace between both faithfuls. The LORD will strongly argue for such processing...

Until the end

Some in ruling PiS party said that Kaczynski can become Prime Minister in the coming months. That is a real possibility because no one other will be willing to cover the crimes they want to perform in the coming months.

Morawiecki would like to be named a Polish Patriot but a party that he is public face is not Polish in the nature. It is ruled by Maltese Order and have everything to name it a fascist.

It will be no long time before Mateusz will resign. The deadline for Maltese Order in their satanic plan is May, 2018. The moment of re-election of Vladimir Putin on the President of Russian Federation.

From that point in time another cycle of ancient Scripture will be blindly executed by Malta Order and some of the world leaders replaced by their clones. We will all observe a monumental work done by the Order and establishment of new/old Fascist/Bolshevik World Order. 

That would be certainly not a problem for Morawiecki if not a direct changes in the LORD family. The Mother of God will be replaced by her Teutonic clone and this is a point no Polish Patriot can accept. It will be too heavy blow for Morawiecki and some other leader will be needed to take up the steer. Until the end. Until the dooms day...

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Work, bread and...

The ruling party is not hiding that is typical work and bread party. But what is doing the opposition? Is not this situation like in Weimar Republic?

The constant attacks on Lord and lack of cooperation makes them a daily bread for those in PiS that still feels like a Polish patriots.

The opposition in  Poland that like in Weimar is passive waiting for government to handle the issue. They will do nothing to change the status quo and unite with Lord.

That is why he stopped to dream about his own company and will accept anything that rulers will throw him.

But this is deeper crisis. He see that his commonwealth is lost together with extermination of Jews. That is why on the day of judgment he will depart this planet. And no script is going to change his decision. He needs much more that work and bread...

Monday, December 11, 2017

Für Brot bricht an!

"Marches of memory will be stopped but our mission will endure!"
Jaroslaw Kaczynski

Raise the flag! The ranks tightly closed!
The SA marches with calm, steady step.
Comrades shot by the Red Front and reactionaries
March in spirit within our ranks.
Comrades shot by the Red Front and reactionaries
March in spirit within our ranks.

Clear the streets for the brown battalions,
Clear the streets for the storm division!
Millions are looking upon the swastika full of hope,
The day of freedom and of bread dawns!
Millions are looking upon the swastika full of hope,
The day of freedom and of bread dawns!

For the last time, the call to arms is sounded!
For the fight, we all stand prepared!
Already Hitler's banners fly over all streets.
The time of bondage will last but a little while now!
Already Hitler's banners fly over all streets.
The time of bondage will last but a little while now.

Raise the flag! The ranks tightly closed!
The SA march with quiet, steady step.
Comrades shot by the Red Front and reactionaries,
March in spirit within our ranks.
Comrades shot by the Red Front and reactionaries,
March in spirit within our ranks.

Sunday, December 10, 2017


Where then is a place for Iranian deviation that is against existence of the Jewish state? It is a hard question.

First of all whatever in his life or in the Biblical times LORD was not always in favour of Israel. There was a time when he even managed to destroy it by hands of their enemies.

And here is a place for our Ayatollahs. It can be that observing Israeli Lord will turn against them again. Israel is not a perfect place also for LORD because of hostile ideology of Revisionism. 

If the followers of Satan will stronghold and fortify on top of Israeli society it can be a time for divine intervention. And for that Iranians shall be ready.

But until then our LORD will have Zionist character wishing well both his people and not denning right of existence of any one.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Zionist regime

Its true that Ayatollahs in Iran are in bad position after LORD praised Trump in hist latest post. LORD is in this context a Zionist wishing well to the state of Israel. 

It is very bad that some after their prayers followed Hamas call to aggression. In context of his post it was against the will of LORD, also their God.

Its not good that they has also canceled their meetings with U.S. representatives. This was also against the LORD wish. Something that politician can do shall not follow somebody that claims to represent the LORD. That is his priest.

Such moves can lead to real schism and even religious war but how some that is acting against his God will can claim to be religious? Or maybe their God is just his opposite? The Satan...

Friday, December 8, 2017


Many are thinking why Kaczynski changed Polish PM. We do not know but what is interesting is that when Jews was remembering Maccabean Revolt some has undertaken revision attempt.

It has provoked strong reply from Hamas that stated that "Any attempt to falsify reality or rewrite history will fail". LORD is proud and grateful for such noble stance but things are different when it comes to Iran.

On the very same day leading Friday prayers Ayatollah has openly told that some statesman in U.S. believe that (Trump) is mentally ill and some doctor shall help him.

Whatever this Ayatollah or Kaczynski they have failed. Whatever old or new government will not allow for revision because they are missing LORD son.

Without him they are not able to do same thing Gorbachev served to LORD father. The ambulance did not stopped and Kaczynski was again visible crushed...

Thursday, December 7, 2017


LORD welcomes brave decision of Trump to recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel and calls on Hamas leader to stop to woo his people for the Intifada.

Both Palestinians and Israeli have their legitimate rights to live in peace on the Promised Land and Jerusalem can and will be capital for both people.

LORD rejects completely Hamas call to fight with Jewish People and once again calls on all sides to return to peace talks towards establishment of two state solution what shall be a top priority for both people.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Putin move

Just a moment ago Vladimir Putin announced that will take part in upcoming Presidential elections in Russia. It is not wise move, as he can be easily replaced by Maltese clown.

It is interesting that Russian Sputnik has criticizes a way the West is distributing its money while ignoring that LORD have also expectations from their side that for long was ignored.

It is ridiculous to think that LORD would be willing to exchange Cold Fusion technology but the peace deal he has proposed is still actual and maybe critical to survival of entire civilization. 

Russians instead of picking up this opportunity that could save their huge interest in the export of oil and gas are ignoring it. For how long?

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


The fascist made a perfect gift on 150 anniversary of birthday of his Uncle. He knows exactly how to respond on this when the day of his judgment will come.

What is interesting is that they does not lose their morale. Why it is so?

Because fascist is not barbarian. He knows the covenant and this holy verse that is protecting LORD. He knows that to success he need first Son of the LORD.

But in this configuration is this a real solution? The comet will hit the Earth in 16 years and this means that the Son of LORD will be not matured enough to get on board of his Nest and stop it.

He would be not allowed to enter the Nest because will be not matured. And again it is only LORD that is able to stop this.

No Ola or Agnes can help you. The truth is that you are all doomed and exposed like naked ones to the wrath of LORD. Your God...

Mission Kepler

LORD startup was a last chance to write more positive story about planet Earth. But it is already lost chance.

Now the things will go darker for that planet. Of course LORD will accept cheque for Raga life but he has already taken decision on departing the planet. It will take however 16 years to announce it.

Thanks to Raga money it will be a fun for him but at the end of this Earthly story he will depart it to resurrect all his ladies and people on another one. This Earthly chapter is already closed.

And you, poor Raga, do not be sad. It will be a moment. A moment in which LORD  will take you up to the sky. Where you will be ruling a new continent. As you shall be on Earth...

Monday, December 4, 2017

Granny Kristine

When LORD was recently in Warsaw he had enjoyed music television there.

Among his ladies that are leading the charm there Kristine is on the top closing everyone mouths. She seems to be complaining on the rape that taken place in Radziwillow Palace but this does not obscure her inner beauty. 

The other one was Ms. Bonaparte from Paris that has died almost in his arms. The viewers can enjoy alternative reality to those served by Belgians.

And when kabbalah scholars are joking about Granny Kristine because it is rather impossible that both will meet before her 40ths it is not reason to laugh.

When LORD will depart this planet to another one his ladies will share fate of other inhabitants. However, on new one, they will be reborn straight to their 20ths. What will make this place a true paradise.