Tuesday, December 5, 2017


The fascist made a perfect gift on 150 anniversary of birthday of his Uncle. He knows exactly how to respond on this when the day of his judgment will come.

What is interesting is that they does not lose their morale. Why it is so?

Because fascist is not barbarian. He knows the covenant and this holy verse that is protecting LORD. He knows that to success he need first Son of the LORD.

But in this configuration is this a real solution? The comet will hit the Earth in 16 years and this means that the Son of LORD will be not matured enough to get on board of his Nest and stop it.

He would be not allowed to enter the Nest because will be not matured. And again it is only LORD that is able to stop this.

No Ola or Agnes can help you. The truth is that you are all doomed and exposed like naked ones to the wrath of LORD. Your God...

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