Friday, December 22, 2017

Christmas time

The time is coming for favorite holidays of Kaczyński family. The Christmas - birthday of Jesus Christ. The birthday of God.

This time will be for Kaczyński a time of reflection. He shall be already aware that without the Son of the LORD he will be not able to break the secret verse of the New Covenant. That he will be able to execute the LORD.

And so for almost every Christian the Christmas and the Easter is the essence of the religious life. They first need a Son of the Lord to later crucifix the LORD.

Thus the coming year will be a year of Amanda. LORD girlfriend from Radziwiłłów Palace. A hope for the final solution for the LORD crucifixion.

But will it be so? LORD must warn you that this way you will not see his Son. Well, you could if you would be taken with him to Keppler as all his girlfriends. Also those ones murdered by your Script. 

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