Tuesday, December 19, 2017


How bamboozled is Donald Trump? First instead of GOD he believed in DOG that will bring him a Cold Fusion. Now his top aide says about begin prepared to forcefully denuclearize [North Korea].

What this hard-liners have in their mind when are communicating this way? They know already that LORD is in practice immortal until he will have a Son. So what to do? Lets rape him. That is their answer. 

The problem is that that would not save them, as the meteor is 15-16 years away from the planet Earth and the offspring would not be matured enough to stop it. Then the whole globe would finish like Atlantis where they tested this strategy.

The other thing is that the Holy Bible and the New Covenant is protecting LORD from such move. If it would be performed a Jews would stop to be a Jews, forever...

Who is then 'Revisionist' forces, as declared proudly in the Trump Military Strategy. Russia, China or just Trump's America. It is not strange why his popularity is so low...

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