Monday, December 4, 2017

Granny Kristine

When LORD was recently in Warsaw he had enjoyed music television there.

Among his ladies that are leading the charm there Kristine is on the top closing everyone mouths. She seems to be complaining on the rape that taken place in Radziwillow Palace but this does not obscure her inner beauty. 

The other one was Ms. Bonaparte from Paris that has died almost in his arms. The viewers can enjoy alternative reality to those served by Belgians.

And when kabbalah scholars are joking about Granny Kristine because it is rather impossible that both will meet before her 40ths it is not reason to laugh.

When LORD will depart this planet to another one his ladies will share fate of other inhabitants. However, on new one, they will be reborn straight to their 20ths. What will make this place a true paradise.

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