Saturday, December 16, 2017

Jesus plush

It is not only politicians and media that are detached from the reality. We have saying that fish stinks from head down. What to say about Pope these days? 

When mankind was facing same crisis around the Judgment of God in the year close to 1033 it was head of the Church Silvester II that was sounding the alarm. He saw that time as the end of your days. A true Armageddon on the horizon - he was shouting loud to the faithfuls. 

Somehow the mankind has survived but what is more interesting is that LORD meet the Pope at that time and transfered some knowledge so desperately needed by the West.

The problem? Well, our Silvester II to the end could not accept superiority of the LORD and to solve this puzzle, he has called him publicly a Satan. 

That was thousand years ago, now the history has made a circle again and you are facing a reality in which LORD want to depart this planet for another one. Is anyone thinking about this? Do you hear something about end of our time from Vatican? 

No. It is same gabble in the media. Same urine souping from the mouth of the Pope and other leaders. Nobody see a problem. Nobody. 

This shall be a matter of biggest urgency not only to the Pope. The crisis will not go away, every day closer to the Judgment it will be only bigger. Every day closer to the Judgment day Jesus Bethlehem star is closer and closer.

And what is Pope doing? He uses LORD as the urinal. Almost every day, almost every mass...

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