Saturday, December 30, 2017

Martian world

People from Radziwiłłów Palace has today painted the vision of ultra totalitarian world correctly pointing out that with the LORD it cannot be obtained.

That was a case of Mars and their dictate. The conflict between them has destroyed whole planet. And that could be a case of Earth too. That is 
 worrying LORD and is making him to depart this planet for another one.

 It would be impossible to erase from his memory this time he has already spent on the Earth. The time of total marginalisation. The time in which he observed how people are already enslaved in the secret services world which decides who can or cannot enter the world of politics.

That all is true but why this guys from Palace are painting such images before him. To later propose their Atlantis solution. Let rape him or he will depart this planet. Forever.

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